Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hei you GIMICS!

Do you consider yourself as Generation XYZ?

Do you always want to be genuine and unique?

Then do you know what GIMICS is?

Man, you don't know?


Let me tell you, GIMICS stands for :

Genuine Invention Made Individually Customized for Savor

It's all about tough minded, tough design! It's about being yourself!

Don't you think this design is so cool?

I want this!!!

And I like this the most!

PINK chopstick pouch!!!!!

It's cool, it's convenient, it's handy, and most important, it's environmental friendly.

I bet you heard a lot about how gross and disgusting a disposable chopstick can be.

Speaking about unique, every item comes with an unique serial number in the whole planet! Now, that's what I called 'unique'!

The best thing, it's not only look good on yourself, it also looks good as a gift.

And the designs are always a surprise...

Can you guess what these are? (hints: It's not the predictable hp pouch)

If you like to take a guess, please leave a comment.

GIMICS' blog:
GIMICS' online shop:

(Psss... if you wanna grab one of these, just email Don't tell them I say so because this is not an advertorial)


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