Saturday, March 08, 2008

A good reason why blonde should be in a game show

I guess you must have heard many times blonde = air-head, blonde is stupid...

Justyna showed me this video that bring stupidity of blonde to another higher level.

  1. I thought Europe was a country.

  2. I never heard of Budapest, but I know they speak French there.

  3. I wanna know if France is a country.

  4. Hungary? That's a country? I've heard of Turkey....but Hungary?

Well, I shouldn't laugh at her. I thought Europe was a country too when I was 4 years old...

This is a very good reason why blonde should be in a game show because it will definitely increase viewership.

(Ppsss... I don't think all blonde are air-head, at least Justyna is a blonde with brain, real good brain.)


Anonymous said...

Lol.Perhaps she was paid to appear 'dumb'?But that was seriously funny!

Ms Da said...

Omigosh! zun bo? how can it be possible?? Is she for real?

Pink Leo said...

2 evolna and ms da: hmmm...maybe you are right, she might appear 'dumb' for xiao4 guo3.

then she must be very good in acting, he he..