Saturday, March 01, 2008

Do you believe in ghost?

It's Friday again, time to check Facebook. Usually in weekdays I don't have time for this rubbish, assignments+exam+paper+gym+class+work are driving me nuts. Many times Abu tries to talk to me when I reach home at night right before 12am, and I always have no time for her. :( .

Sorry lar Abu, it's not that I purposely bo hiu you, just that taking 5 classes is really not a joke.... ok, maybe taking 5 classes is really a joke, but getting A for all the classes is not a joke, ok?

Back to Facebook, I never notice this Superlatives thingy until today. Guess what my friends write about me?

  1. Pinksterz thinks you are Most Likely To Microwave Things that Shouldn't be Microwaved. (checked)

  2. XXX thinks you are Most Likely To Be Elected to a Pro Sports Hall of Fame. (huh?)

  3. XXX thinks you are Most Likely To Have The Best Personality. (huahaha, of course! (flick my hair in vain)

  4. XXX thinks you are Mostly Likely To Love Good Food. Yum. (needless to say, just look at my size)

  5. XXX thinks you are Most Likely To Believe in Ghosts.

What do you mean by 'most like to believe in ghosts'? 'They' are indeed exist ok? It's not up to you to believe or not because 'they' are really here - under your bed, in your wardrobe, wandering around at your balcony...

Right? Don't they?

Well, in personal experience, I am lucky enough not to encounter anyone of 'them'.... yet. I am a very timid girl with very weak heart that any tiny scary or horror story will scare me to death.

If you have experience with our 'friends from the other side of the world', PLEASE DON'T share with me. Thank you!


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