Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Being a single mother

As my eyes get wider, there are more things that I want to achieve. After than the fundamental 'I want to be a beauty' desire, I want to achieve more 'intellectual' kind of achievement, such as ...

  1. I want to be Minister of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia!

  2. As I am applying to be the next coordinator of international ambassador, I hope that I can get this position and I will make sure to enhance culture diversity in El Paso community.

  3. I want to be a successful career woman, real dominating kind in a corporate environment!

  4. I want to be a caring mother. However, I need LogHeadYap's help on this. :p

  5. Being a inspiring professor sounds cool too...

  6. As a blogger, I want to be more famous than Kenny Sia (Kenny Sia's fan, don't beat me hor!)

  7. I wanted to be a singer since I know how to talk. Can I still dream on this?

  8. I want to help underprivileged children.

  9. If I have the power of God, I want to stop all wars on this planet. War is nothing but sacrifices of million innocents.

  10. Last but not least, I want to maintain my current comfortable life. :D

Alright, enough day-dreaming. Action is better than talk.

Moments ago, I've signed up for 'Sponsor A Child' program via World Vision. While browsing through the children's profile, I can't help to thank God and my parents for giving me such a privileged life.

While I am deciding between McChicken and Fillet-O-Fish, there are millions of children who barely have enough clean water for consumption.

While I am grumbling on disconnected Internet service, there are many children who don't even know what is a computer.

While I am crying to get rid of my fat waist, there are countless children who don't have any idea if there is a next meal.

(OMG, he has a big waist like me. :S)

While I am complaining on my mild cold, there are tons of children who are dying from severe diseases.

While you are reading this post, there are children who are waiting for your help.

I know, sometimes it's beyond one person's control to change the living environment of the needy. However, this doesn't mean that you can't do anything.

At least, I am sure that each of us (yeah, I am referring to you) can spare USD30 or SGD45 or RM50 every month to sponsor a child.

If you are telling me that 'no lar...cannot lar... I don't have that money lar...', please, just buy 1 less luxury unnecessary item and you can definitely fork out RM50.

Another pair of Nike shoes cannot make you fly.

Another Swatch watch still show the same hour.

Another cellphone doesn't make your friend calls you more (unless you are as busy as a call center officer)

But with as little as RM50, you can change a child's future, you can change a child's life!

We are a very blessed bunch. Please spreading the blessing to touch one another.

Ok, balik balik. Moi get a bit agitated.

My sponsored child is a high school girl in India. In the description, her favourite subject is local language. I am not sure if she can understand English because I would like to write her a letter immediately. Hopefully with my little help, would give her a better education opportunity and empower her to fulfill her own dream.

And I talked about my sponsored girl to LogHeadYap just now, he asked me if he can contribute half of the sponsorship. I told him to get his own sponsored child via World Vision Singapore, he asked me to get another sponsored child under my name but he will pay the donation.

Why? He claims that he prefers to do charity anonymously.

And another reason? ' i lazy to entertain him/her if she/he write mail to me haha' (actual quote from him in MSN messenger)

-.-'!| I guess I have to be a single mother then.