Saturday, March 15, 2008

Are you trying to teach me about multicultural?

*yawn* Sorry for my bad manners *yawn* I can't stop yawning now and my eyes lid are half tutup now.

I went for a presentation this evening, the speaker is a handsome American guy with Cantonese-English-Irish-Welsh background. Sounds complicated huh?

During the presentation he was all talking about multiculture (mainly referring to mixed people). He keeps talking, and talking and talking.... and zzzzzz.... Don't get me wrong, his unique and lively interaction with audience is very entertaining but the topics is kinda like zzzzz...

You are trying to teach a Malaysian how to cope into a multiculture society?

Well, it's not his fault anyway because 99% of the audience are locals a.k.a katak-dibawah-tempurung American.

Ok, I see your point now.

Although the topic doesn't interest me much, I am very impressed by the way how he presented his topic. I learned a lot today.

After the presentation followed belly-dance by UTEP students. You know what? The belly-dance could be much better without the eyes soring san zan bak.

Girl, this is belly-dance, not san zan bak dance. -.-'!|

But thanks for making me feel much better on my body. I feel very confident now!

I am not that bad afterall, ha ha ha ha....

tutup - (Malay)close
san zan zak - (Hokkien) literally means '3 layers of (fat)flesh'.

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