Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kebanjiran and 3-in-1 shredder

Today 2 little things happened in our house:

1. Little kebanjiran

2. New shredder

I have nothing to say at kebanjiran. It's just something that I cannot control. Somehow it's funny that I can actually experience such in a desert.

On the other hand, shredder is like a new toy in our house.

Due to the alarming rate of identify theft, we decided to buy a shredder to shred all the so-called confidential documents before we discard into the blue bin (aka recycle bin).

We want to recycle the papers, not our identity.

Hmmm....should I shred this?

This shredder si be cheo oh, not only it can shred paper, it comes with electronic pencil sharpener and letter opener. It's a 3-in-1 shredder.

Man, pencil sharper and letter opener also become electronic. What's next?

Monday, March 24, 2008

The children must eat a bit of dirt

The children must eat a bit of dirt

All of us ages 40 and older should have died as young children; it's amazing how we survived this dangerous, germy world.

Food recall? What the heck was a recall?

With sucking on lead paint, poking our heads through the crib slats and maybe swallowing a cat's-eye marble ...

And I bet we ate a tainted piece of meat once in a while, too. If it gave us a bellyache, and we had to call the doctor, he didn't give us a $75 prescription. He told our mom to cook those porkchops longer next time.

Itsy-bitsy tan bug shells in the flour? That was an automatic until somebody figured out a bay leaf in the sack solved the problem.

My first hamburger wasn't 80 percent lean and my milk was whole.

And we didn't know all the scientific facts we know today. Most of those facts hadn't been invented yet. Good thing we're not all dead.

Had we in the neighborhood known how to eat healthy and play safely, we sure wouldn't have roasted and eaten the bullheads we caught in the same pond where muskrats swam and dead carp bobbed. We impaled them on a stick and cooked them until they turned white. Mom didn't know. They were good.

Yes, we would have also eaten the crow my brother found on the ground in what we called "The Swamp." But the feathers flamed up, darn near ruining the bullheads.

We explored without parental supervision. And we learned you can put your little sister in a cardboard box, shove her down the stairs and not hurt her much at all.

In our city, the school district never had 42,000 pounds of beef recalled because one or two in the herd weren't standing up -- could have been sick -- when they got slaughtered.

When something smelled bad in the vegetable section, the grocer hurried over, found the rotten potato and threw it out. We didn't quarantine the state of Idaho because a potato smelled in Texas.

Now I'm glad, as are most, that we have regulatory agencies in our country. I'm making it clear that I don't want anyone strangled between the crib slats -- get a safe crib. And it's a good idea not to let toddlers play in the buttons and pins tin.

Beef that's 80/20 doesn't taste bad and food labels are a good thing. I never would have guessed that canned chicken broth can be 99 percent fat free.

But c'mon, already. Butter is bad. Eat margarine. No, actually butter is better than margarine, says at least one former surgeon general. So what's what?

If I drink a glass of wine, because it's good for the heart, will the antitoxins in the next morning's coffee kill off the bad part of the alcohol?

I'm an inquiring mind, and I want to know if I can get away with not eating fish if I take two fish-oil capsules a day.

So don't say I'm not interested in health matters, and safety issues.

Car seats? You bet. Bobsledding sister down the stairs in a box? Not a good idea.

Going to "The Swamp" without parental supervision, and risking drowning in a pool of pond scum ...

I'm saying, c'mon, already.

I'm saying if kids should be able to be kids, then we have to stop turning them into little temples of no calories, no fat, no sodium, no carbs, no sugar ...

As my dad said, and you can figure it out, "Children can't grow up until they eat a certain amount of dirt."


Ha ha... la sam jiak, la sam dua (dirty eat, dirty grow).

Yeah, I agree that nowadays parents are way too much concern on food hygiene which it's against the nature of growing up.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mother vs bad manager

Case 1 of the day:

Way before dinner time, I really craved for Matsuharu Japanese food, so I told my family that I will treat them today's dinner at Matsuharu. Everybody was ok with this idea, including Abu. I was happy and look forward for dinner time.

Finally, dinner time. While everybody is changing...

Abu: Let's go to Riyoma (another Japanese restaurant).

Moi: But we agreed on Matsuharu and I am giving a treat. I don't feel like giving a treat if it's not at Matsuharu.

Abu: We can go to Matsuharu another day. We will go to Riyoma today and Old Bean will pay. (Old Bean: ?!?!)

Moi: ..... ok .... (again Empress Abu decides for our dinner)

The dinner turned out to be good, which I have no complaint on (especially when I don't have to fork out the bill).

However, it's still against my initial wish for my Matsuharu dinner. You can call me a very stubborn Leo but an agreement is indeed an agreement. Maybe I am just being petty, super petty.

This is the reason why every time when we are deciding where to go for dinner, Old Bean, Han and I will not make an effort to suggest a place because the final decision will be on Abu, despite the fact she said ' you decide decide lar...'

How funny!


Case 2 of the day:

Finally, pest control is coming in the afternoon to hapus the irritating cockroaches. I am not a girl that will scream madly when I see a cockroaches. No doubt, it still give me goosebumps when I see cockroaches family having a picnic in our food cabinet.

Few days ago, when Old Bean emailed us that pest control appointment is confirmed. I immediately tell Abu that I will help out to clear the food cabinet before pest control comes.

Ok, Abu is ready. I am ready. However conflicts come in....

Abu: (standing on a stool in front of food cabinet clearing top cabinet) I clear the top cabinet, you clear the bottom cabinet.
(pointing at bottom cabinet).

Moi: Ok. ......
(thinking how to get into the bottom cabinet because Abu is blocking my access to bottom cabinet).

Abu: Come on! Do it!
(shifting food stuff into a box)

Moi: Sure. ....
(should I just push her away so that I can clear the bottom cabinet?)

While I am 'planning my strategy' how to get into my bottom cabinet while Abu is blocking it, Abu suddenly walk away from cabinet to clear another cabinet somewhere else. Good, I grab a box, hand goes into the bottom cabinet....

Abu: What are you doing?

Moi: Clearing the bottom cabinet.

Abu: NO! I said '2nd bottom cabinet in top cabinet'. (There are 3 little cabinet within the top cabinet).
Why you never listen to my instruction? #(^($^#$^#&!@$&.....

Moi: Well, you said and pointed at 'bottom cabinet'. I am just trying to help out...

Abu: You always don't listen properly to what I said. I said '2nd bottom cabinet in top cabinet'. 1%@(#%^#$(^&!)@#$&!@)$.....

Moi: Ok lor. No big deal. I can clear the top cabinet too
(plus grumble a bit because I kena scolded merely because her instruction wasn't clear).

Abu: Why you show me that face?
(You can't expect to smile or laugh while you are scolding me right?)
Is it so difficult to ask you to help me? Why is it so difficult? Why is it so difficult? WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT?

Moi: I.... I...
(thinking whether should I answer the question honestly, but Abu always say that we should be honest kids).
It is so difficult because your are always not clear in your instructions. How would I know what it's in your mind while you speak otherwise?

Abu: See, you always never listen properly. If you are not willing to help me, go away. I rather pack things up myself slowly than depend on your help. GO AWAY! GO AWAY!

Moi: Mum, you are putting me into a difficult position.
(because I told you I want to help means I WANT TO HELP. And now you are 'instructing' me to go away)

Abu: What now? If you are not happy on helping me, GO AWAY GO AWAY!

Moi: ....

So, do you think I did go away as per Abu's instruction?

Of course NOT. If I go away, I will be a dead meat the next moment. Haven't I learn enough on 'following the instructions honestly'? Don't I learn enough that when a mother says 'go away', it means die die you must stay?

What I did was just 'eat the dead cat' and clear the cabinet quietly, while Abu making loud noises like banging the stuff into the box. Han is smart enough to run away from the scene from the beginning by saying 'I'll be back in 10 minutes'. When he is back to the scene 10 minutes later after numerous shouting from Abu, he has the right to vent his anger by saying 'I TOLD YOU I'LL BE BACK IN 10 MINS. I AM DOING VERY IMPORTANT THING. WHY ARE YOU KEEP SHOUTING FOR ME?'.

How I wish I can do the same. But I wouldn't. I will never shout at my parent. At most, I will stress my point in a louder voice but not nasty volume.

I can understand why Old Bean often feel frustrated when he is trying to help Abu, because:

  1. We have to follow exactly her specific way of doing things.

  2. Yet, often the instructions are often not clear.

Somehow, this experience can be related in bad management. It's kinda like a manager instructs me to do action A, who later scolds me for doing action A because he/she insists that he told me to do otherwise. And when he/she demands for an explanation and I tell him/her the truth, I am labeled as incompetent staff as I 'didn't listen to the instruction properly'.

I don't know how many of you have such experience in work field or at home.

Anyway, the differences between mother and a bad manager are:-
  1. you can 'fire' your manager but you cannot fire your mother.

  2. You will laugh about this experience with your mum after some times, but you will curse your manager forever.

I called these experiences 'sweet conflicts'. And I should be happy that I can argue with my mum because she is still with me, despite that I feel hurt at that very moment.

I guess I will miss these conflicts when I am back in Singapore, alone.

Ok lar, not really alone lar. It will be a new chapter of 'husband vs bad boss'. Hehe.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Being a single mother

As my eyes get wider, there are more things that I want to achieve. After than the fundamental 'I want to be a beauty' desire, I want to achieve more 'intellectual' kind of achievement, such as ...

  1. I want to be Minister of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia!

  2. As I am applying to be the next coordinator of international ambassador, I hope that I can get this position and I will make sure to enhance culture diversity in El Paso community.

  3. I want to be a successful career woman, real dominating kind in a corporate environment!

  4. I want to be a caring mother. However, I need LogHeadYap's help on this. :p

  5. Being a inspiring professor sounds cool too...

  6. As a blogger, I want to be more famous than Kenny Sia (Kenny Sia's fan, don't beat me hor!)

  7. I wanted to be a singer since I know how to talk. Can I still dream on this?

  8. I want to help underprivileged children.

  9. If I have the power of God, I want to stop all wars on this planet. War is nothing but sacrifices of million innocents.

  10. Last but not least, I want to maintain my current comfortable life. :D

Alright, enough day-dreaming. Action is better than talk.

Moments ago, I've signed up for 'Sponsor A Child' program via World Vision. While browsing through the children's profile, I can't help to thank God and my parents for giving me such a privileged life.

While I am deciding between McChicken and Fillet-O-Fish, there are millions of children who barely have enough clean water for consumption.

While I am grumbling on disconnected Internet service, there are many children who don't even know what is a computer.

While I am crying to get rid of my fat waist, there are countless children who don't have any idea if there is a next meal.

(OMG, he has a big waist like me. :S)

While I am complaining on my mild cold, there are tons of children who are dying from severe diseases.

While you are reading this post, there are children who are waiting for your help.

I know, sometimes it's beyond one person's control to change the living environment of the needy. However, this doesn't mean that you can't do anything.

At least, I am sure that each of us (yeah, I am referring to you) can spare USD30 or SGD45 or RM50 every month to sponsor a child.

If you are telling me that 'no lar...cannot lar... I don't have that money lar...', please, just buy 1 less luxury unnecessary item and you can definitely fork out RM50.

Another pair of Nike shoes cannot make you fly.

Another Swatch watch still show the same hour.

Another cellphone doesn't make your friend calls you more (unless you are as busy as a call center officer)

But with as little as RM50, you can change a child's future, you can change a child's life!

We are a very blessed bunch. Please spreading the blessing to touch one another.

Ok, balik balik. Moi get a bit agitated.

My sponsored child is a high school girl in India. In the description, her favourite subject is local language. I am not sure if she can understand English because I would like to write her a letter immediately. Hopefully with my little help, would give her a better education opportunity and empower her to fulfill her own dream.

And I talked about my sponsored girl to LogHeadYap just now, he asked me if he can contribute half of the sponsorship. I told him to get his own sponsored child via World Vision Singapore, he asked me to get another sponsored child under my name but he will pay the donation.

Why? He claims that he prefers to do charity anonymously.

And another reason? ' i lazy to entertain him/her if she/he write mail to me haha' (actual quote from him in MSN messenger)

-.-'!| I guess I have to be a single mother then.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Moi, une Lab Rat 2.

Today Marian and I went to pre-test for Pradeep's research again.

Pradeep, our research student, has a very positive and yang guang nan hai look.

But never judge a book by its cover. He is a REBELLIOUS RESEARCH SCHOLAR!

Garang sia...ha ha ha...

garang : (Malay) fierce
yang guang nan hai : (Mandarin) Sunshine Boy

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Post election syndrome

Today's leadership conference ended with a fantastic presentation by Dr. Jones, who inspires us that 'nothing is impossible' and 'everyone is limitless'.

Right after that, Marian and I look at each other and say:

Marian: I want to be UN Secretary General in Geneva!
Pink Leo: I want to be Minister of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia!

Next moment, we laugh out loud...ha ha ha ha...

This is definitely post election syndrome!

Well, who knows? I may not be the Minister of Foreign Affairs. I may be the ambassador of Malaysia.

The one in embassy I mean, not the current one in UTEP.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wawancara DSAI & Lim Kit Siang di Al-Jazeera


I don't care if you have time or not, watch this video.

I think Anwar has done well in answering sensitive challenging questions. Well done!

Are you trying to teach me about multicultural?

*yawn* Sorry for my bad manners *yawn* I can't stop yawning now and my eyes lid are half tutup now.

I went for a presentation this evening, the speaker is a handsome American guy with Cantonese-English-Irish-Welsh background. Sounds complicated huh?

During the presentation he was all talking about multiculture (mainly referring to mixed people). He keeps talking, and talking and talking.... and zzzzzz.... Don't get me wrong, his unique and lively interaction with audience is very entertaining but the topics is kinda like zzzzz...

You are trying to teach a Malaysian how to cope into a multiculture society?

Well, it's not his fault anyway because 99% of the audience are locals a.k.a katak-dibawah-tempurung American.

Ok, I see your point now.

Although the topic doesn't interest me much, I am very impressed by the way how he presented his topic. I learned a lot today.

After the presentation followed belly-dance by UTEP students. You know what? The belly-dance could be much better without the eyes soring san zan bak.

Girl, this is belly-dance, not san zan bak dance. -.-'!|

But thanks for making me feel much better on my body. I feel very confident now!

I am not that bad afterall, ha ha ha ha....

tutup - (Malay)close
san zan zak - (Hokkien) literally means '3 layers of (fat)flesh'.

Shouldn't the government stabilise the country instead of making more chaos?

My question of the day: Shouldn't the government stabilise the country instead of making more chaos?

Group protests outside S’gor secretariat

Police disperse protestors in Penang (update 2)

Looking back at my beloved Malaysia from far West, it's heart aching to see Umno initiating protests in Malaysia.

I mean, regardless of ruling or opposition party, isn't that your main mission to maintain our country's stability?

Why are they doing so? Have they forget their goal? Moreover 'I am willing to listen, says Guan Eng'.

Although they were peace protests (luckily, amitabha!), somehow I feel that this possess a possible threat to the safety and stability of Malaysia.

I just cannot understand. Can someone enlighten me?

Of course, please correct me if I am wrong. I just making comment on personal view, it's hard to me to get full details of Malaysia especially I am in the far West.

Does sex always sell?

I used to say 'sex definitely sells', in terms of blogging world.

Apparently, I wasn't entire right.

Madam: Sex too hard to sell these days

HAMBURG, Germany—The oldest bordello in Hamburg's red-light district is shutting down for lack of business, according to newspaper reports published Friday.
The family-run Hotel Luxor, established in 1948, is being sold to an investor and will close down for good next month, madam Waltraud Mehrer said, according to the Hamburg Morgenpost and Bild newspapers.

She blamed the decline in business on easily available Internet porn, the rise of call-girl services, and "noisy discos and dance clubs" on the same street as her business, the newspapers reported.

"You can't make any big money selling sex in St. Pauli any more," she was quoted as saying, referring to the area that includes the red-light district. "The only thing still in operation are the table dance clubs."

The club's heyday was in the 1970s, when it was open 7 days a week, with 12 prostitutes on hand.

"Our customers were well off, they didn't scrimp," she said. "That's also changed today."

Hotel Luxor today employs four prostitutes, and is only open Tuesday through Friday nights.

"Two thousand euros (US$3,080) per night—it was like that once," one of the women, who gave her name only as "Nicole," told the Morgenpost. "Now I can only dream of that. I've been here a year and only earn around euro200 (US$308) per shift."


Internet is driving this ancient industry out of business too. Hmm... how interesting...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mastering Dinner Etiquette

Today we all (the International Ambassador) dress in business attire, we all look like VIP.

Why do we all dress up? So dai zan zheong?

Today, we are taught on how to 'eat' - Mastering Dinner Etiquette.

The topics today are:

  1. Arrivals, Introductions & Seating

  2. The Formal Place Meeting

  3. Ordering the Meal

  4. Food Service

  5. Food Service

  6. Closing the the Meal

  7. Basic Dining Tips

  8. Etiquette Quotes

  9. Suggested Readings and Websites

Frankly speaking, conclusion for 3 hours long of dinner - This is the most torturing dinner that I ever had (paiseh, gua is chor lor lang). Worst than when you are seated in a table full of strangers during wedding dinner.

Mastering dinner etiquette is meant to increase your chance to success in interview or business. Seriously, is there a problem if we just talk about business or interview in mamak stall? Save money save time and definitely, save any unnecessary 'faking'.

Ah, missed out, better food too.

My take home message for the day?


dai zan zheung: (Cantonese)big deal
paiseh, gua is chor lor lang: (Hokkien) I am sorry, I am an ill-mannered person.
mamak stall: traditionally roadside stalls that mainly serve Indian Muslims food, which can be found in almost every corner of Malaysia.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

From Prisoner to Prime Minister

'From Prisoner to Prime Minister'
KB Gan | Mar 12, 08 5:25pm

Some analysts have said that the election results may herald the beginning of a two-party system. A new era of Malaysian politics may have begun.

It's clear that race-based parties are on the way out. A coalition of race-based parties does not work when one party has dominance over the others. The Chinese and Indians shunning of MCA, MIC and Gerakan in the polls have sent a strong message to BN to that effect. Each race fighting for rights and privileges under a race based system does nothing for national unity. The nation loses its competitiveness.

If DAP, PKR and PAS can rule the states under them credibly over next five years, the next general elections will be a tough one for BN. Using the same strategy, the opposition may be able to win enough seats to collectively form the federal government. It will no longer be about denying BN a 2/3rd majority but toppling them.

Pak Lah can help here with his weak and ineffective rule which promises more scandals and corruption. With the hated son-in-law having the PM's ear, Umno will be wrecked with internal factions. PKR will grow in strength. The Internet will loosen the mainstream media's grip on information even further.

More young and well informed voters who demand accountability will join the electorate. The native parties in Sarawak and Sabah owe no political allegiance to Umno and may just as well switch sides depending on the prevailing wind

As early as the next general elections, BN could be toppled and Anwar would be prime minister. With affirmative action cancelled, the country can then move forward rather than being held back with racial policies. Instead of a continual brain drain of the brightest and best, Malaysians overseas will come back to build the new Malaysia. It's an exciting prospect.

(who is calling me? Oh, Malaysian overseas you mentioned. Yeah, of course I would go back if the prospect is promising. Who would rather contribute to other country instead of own country?)

Of course, this future will not happen if the opposition parties fall to bickering and PAS spouts its religious extremism again. A strong and capable leader can unite the disparage parties and hold them together. It can only be Anwar.

'From Prisoner to Prime Minister’. One day a headline will read.

Break record! 235 visits per day.

Surprise on Pink Leo's trap! 235 visits per day!

Well, 235 visits is probably insignificant for popular blogs which get thousands of visits per day. But it's a big achievement for Pink Leo's trap!

Jia you bah Pink Leo (talking to myself.... blay :P)

"Lim: DAP rejects Nizar as MB" vs "PAS' Nizar is new Perak MB"

Lim: DAP rejects Nizar as MB

I am one of the readers that left comment in Lim's blog. Please, don't start another round of useless and childish racial issue. We are all Malaysian afterall.
Malaysia no good, everybody suffers.

PAS' Nizar is new Perak MB
I understand that 'Under the state constitution, the menteri besar has to be a Malay Muslim', afterall, this is Malaysia, we have to respect our custom and culture.
With the decision of 'Also decided today is that Ngeh would be made the deputy menteri besar (1) while an Indian candidate would be made deputy menteri besar (2).' This truly shown the unique Malaysian culture - we are from different culture, different races, yet we can be together in peace. This makes Malaysia so unique. I am proud of this uniqueness.

Malaysia Boleh!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alamak! PAS? ~ from SotongZai

This is a very good post if you are worried about under PAS governance.

Alamak! PAS?

This is era of true Malaysian, not bumiputra-Malaysian-or-Cina-Malaysian-or-Indian-Malaysian-or-minority-Malaysian.

There is only 1 nationality and identity.

Kita anak bangsa Malaysia!

DAP plans reforms in Penang, Umno upset with coming changes

DAP plans reforms in Penang, Umno upset with coming changes

The DAP-led Penang government has outlined several reforms it plans to undertake in the state administration, including awarding government procure ment contracts by open tender.
Newly appointed chief minister Lim Guan Eng said the party also planned to immediately review the current practice of having only political appointees as representatives in the municipal councils.

Speaking to reporters, Lim said effective immediately, information about government contracts and tender bids would be uploaded to an Internet portal for public scrutiny.

“We want to run a state administration free from cronyism, corruption and systematic inefficiency.

“Instead, we advocate a stakeholders economy for all based on the principle of shared prosperity in an equitable manner,” he said.
Lim said he along with all exco members, state assembly speaker, deputy speaker and the respective heads of the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) and Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) would also be making a public declaration of their personal assets.

He added that the DAP-led coalition would also attempt to restore local government elections before the end of its term.

In the interim, the state government intends to exercise Section 10(2) of the Local Government Act by appointing professionals and non-governmental organisation representatives as members of local government.

In an immeidate reaction, Penang Umno secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim warned that if the new state government goes ahead with its plan to do away with the NEP's practices, it will anger Malays in the state.

"It will also result in unrest because they will face all sorts of hardship," he said.

Despite 50 years of Independence, Azhar said the Bumiputera's equity was still lacking by 18.7 per cent. The group has yet to achieve the 30 per cent target.

Azhar claimed the DAP, unlike Barisan Nasional, had never supported and encouraged the NEP.

"They claimed to represent the people of all races but are they really doing so?" he said.

Since the party had been chosen by the people to lead the state, along with Parti Keadilan Rakyat, they should be responsible for each and everyone's well being, Azhar said.


    In an immeidate reaction, Penang Umno secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim warned that if the new state government goes ahead with its plan to do away with the NEP's practices, it will anger Malays in the state."It will also result in unrest because they will face all sorts of hardship," he said.

    Pink Leo: Bang, no hardship no good life, ok? You think money will drop from sky ar?

    Despite 50 years of Independence, Azhar said the Bumiputera's equity was still lacking by 18.7 per cent. The group has yet to achieve the 30 per cent target.

    Pink Leo: Blame who? 50 years liao still cannot catch up. Blame who?

Isu DEB: Melayu sokong pembangkang perlu bertanggungjawab

Isu DEB: Melayu sokong pembangkang perlu bertanggungjawab

KUALA LUMPUR 11 Mac – Orang Melayu yang menyokong pembangkang terutama Pas dan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) perlu bertanggungjawab apabila DAP yang membentuk kerajaan di Pulau Pinang mahu polisi pentadbirannya bebas daripada amalan Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB).

Ahli Majlis Tertinggi (MT) UMNO, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz berkata, DAP boleh berbuat apa sahaja kerana langkah itu adalah hak kerajaan negeri pimpinan DAP yang turut mendapat sokongan orang Melayu dalam parti pembangkang Pas dan PKR.

‘‘Kita tidak boleh salahkan kerajaan baru itu (DAP) kerana itu hak mereka yang tidak melibatkan Kerajaan Persekutuan tetapi saya menyalahkan orang Melayu dalam Pas dan PKR.

‘‘Mereka mengkhianati perjuangan dan semangat DEB yang selama ini bertujuan membangunkan bukan sahaja orang Melayu, tetapi semua rakyat Malaysia.

‘‘Mereka kena jawab dengan orang Melayu lain,’’ katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Mohamed Nazri diminta mengulas mengenai dasar DAP untuk Pulau Pinang yang diumumkan selepas Ketua Menterinya yang baru, Lim Guan Eng mengangkat sumpah hari ini.

DAP mahu melaksanakan polisi pentadbiran bebas daripada amalan DEB, selain turut menyokong pengajaran Matematik dan Sains dalam bahasa ibunda masing- masing.

Kerajaan Pulau Pinang juga akan berbincang dengan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi untuk mengambil sebahagian keuntungan Petronas bagi membiayai sepenuhnya pembinaan jambatan kedua Pulau Pinang.

Menurut Nazri, kerajaan DAP tidak akan terbentuk sekiranya ia tidak mendapat sokongan orang Melayu dalam kedua-dua parti pembangkang itu.

Mengenai kenyataan Guan Eng berhubung keuntungan Petronas, Mohamed Nazri berkata, DAP perlu mendapatkan persetujuan Perdana Menteri.

Ahli MT UMNO, Datuk Norraesah Mohamad pula berkata, beliau amat kesal kerana orang Melayu terutama golongan muda yang menyertai pembangkang tidak memahami tujuan sebenar DEB diwujudkan.

Katanya, DEB sebenarnya memberi peluang kepada orang Melayu untuk berada pada paras yang sama dengan kaum lain di negara ini.

Beliau berkata, ia sebenarnya asas kepada usaha untuk menghapuskan kemiskinan dan kebetulan ramai golongan miskin terdiri daripada orang Melayu.

‘‘Menidakkan DEB adalah satu tindakan yang menyedihkan kerana ramai yang tidak faham fungsi sebenar dasar itu dan ia seringkali disalah erti sebagai memberi faedah kepada satu pihak sahaja,’’ katanya.

Sementara itu, Penasihat Parti Gerakan, Datuk Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik pula berkata, pentadbiran baru kerajaan Pulau Pinang berhak melaksanakan apa sahaja rancangan mereka.

Namun, katanya, Gerakan akan melihat sejauh mana apa yang dirancangkan itu dapat dilaksanakan secara efisien dan praktikal.

‘‘Kita tengok sama ada mereka boleh buat, akan buat atau tidak buat. Sesiapa pun boleh cakap. Kita akan jadi pemerhati,’’ katanya.


'Orang Melayu yang menyokong pembangkang terutama Pas dan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) perlu bertanggungjawab apabila DAP yang membentuk kerajaan di Pulau Pinang mahu polisi pentadbirannya bebas daripada amalan Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB).'

Sigh... Still blaming others without self-justification.

  • Mereka mengkhianati perjuangan dan semangat DEB yang selama ini bertujuan membangunkan bukan sahaja orang Melayu, tetapi semua rakyat Malaysia.

  • Katanya, DEB sebenarnya memberi peluang kepada orang Melayu untuk berada pada paras yang sama dengan kaum lain di negara ini.

  • What the f*ck is this? Twisting the word within 1 second. Bodoh kononya.

    Btw, sorry to the blonde, you are not the stupidest in the world. Above person are.

    We Will Heal Malaysia's Divisions, By ABDULLAH AHMAD BADAWI

    This is from today's Wall Street Journal:

    We Will Heal Malaysia's Divisions
    March 11, 2008

    While I am honored to have been re-elected as prime minister of Malaysia and to have received a 63% majority of the 222 seats in Parliament in our just-completed general election, I am also disappointed that we fell a few seats short of the two-thirds majority we were hoping for.

    For those who have in the past questioned the legitimacy of Malaysia's electoral process, the results of Saturday's election are proof positive that our country does indeed enjoy a free, fair and highly competitive democracy.

    As there has been much speculation about the implications of our election results, I wish to offer clarity on three critically important points:

    First, we have heard the voice of our citizens, and I will dedicate myself, in this second term, to healing the divisions which became evident during the campaign. That will mean developing new and concrete initiatives, not just rhetoric, that bring our people together and ensure that no one is left behind as Malaysia prospers, whether they are ethnic Malays, Chinese or Indians.

    Second, we can achieve the above goal because our economy is indeed strong and stable, with a 7.3% GDP growth rate in the last quarter, nearly full employment, more than $100 billion in foreign exchange reserves, and a flood of foreign direct investment in manufacturing and services that last year reached a record $13.7 billion.

    For the benefit of all of our citizens, I intend Malaysia to remain a business-friendly and free market economy with powerful attractions for international investors, who over the past 12 months have included General Electric of the United States, Britain's Virgin Group, and important groups from the Middle East and China.

    Third, I intend to protect the stability and security of our nation. For all of our citizens to share in the prosperity and opportunities our economy is generating, we must also continue our work to eradicate crime and corruption. The people's desire for law and order is as important in Malaysia as it is everywhere. The same is true of the need to make additional progress in battling corruption, which is both immoral and distorts competition in free markets.

    Although the size of our majority would be considered a landslide in most countries, the fact that it has significantly reduced and we have had setbacks in five of our 13 states indicates that we need to do more for those who feel disaffected. Although some quarters have called for me to step aside, my party has given me solid support to carry on our nation-building agenda, something for which I am grateful.

    As with any election in any democratic country, there is debate, sometimes heated; there can be divisions, sometimes fierce; then people make their own choices and democratic politicians have to live with the outcome. What matters most is that governments listen as well as lead, and so I will work hard to create more of a national consensus following our national democratic conversation.

    We are listening. I know there is discontent among some parts of our community. I accept it is our responsibility, as the newly reelected government of all Malaysians, to find practical solutions to ease that discontent, to listen to grievances and to seek to remedy them.

    I have tried throughout my period in office to bring our country and our communities closer together. I have stood in firm opposition to those who have sought to divide us along racial, religious and ethnic lines. We are all Malaysians and we all must have a stake in building a progressive, united and cohesive country. This has always been my approach to government and politics. It is even more important now.

    Some people took the opportunity when voting to voice a protest, as can happen in any democracy. We accept the result. That is what democracy is all about. The election results will not diminish for a moment our determination to grow the Malaysian economy, to continue our successful program of poverty eradication and to provide a level playing field for all.

    After an election it is right to have a period of reflection; it is not a time for narrow introspection. Malaysia cannot afford a period of sitting back and risk stalling our progress and our economic growth.

    We are in a changing global economy which itself is in increasingly challenging times. That is why, just as it is essential that we reflect internally on the lessons from these elections, it is vital that we look outward internationally to face and overcome the global challenges of economics, peace and international security.

    Malaysia will continue to offer business-friendly policies and a welcoming environment for investors. I believe that Malaysia will continue its strong economic growth in 2008. Our vibrant economy and proven record of economic growth will help us prosper despite the economic slowdown and uncertainty in the U.S.

    What we must now undertake is to move forward as one nation with a renewed sense of a bright future for all.

    Mr. Abdullah is prime minister of Malaysia.


    Shut up!

    .....While I am honored to have been re-elected as prime minister of Malaysia .... (no, it's not RE-elected, it's you ngeh ngeh tak mau resign)...

    ........will mean developing new and concrete initiatives, not just rhetoric, that bring our people together and ensure that no one is left behind as Malaysia prospers, whether they are ethnic Malays, Chinese or Indians....
    (Yeah right, what is NEP then?)

    .....Third, I intend to protect the stability and security of our nation. .....
    (Tolong tolong! someone just snatched my bag!)

    ......we must also continue our work to eradicate crime and corruption.....
    (u mean 'we must also continue our work to eradicate crime and corruption'?)

    See who is barking out there?

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Moi, une Lab Rat.

    Today I started my journey of being a lab rat.

    Few days ago I saw this in notice board:

    Without hesitation, I email Pradeep to be a volunteer of his research. This is just-in-time training for my KK trip. I've been going to gym 2 times per week, to strengthen my stamina and my feet. However, the result is not promising.

    At the same time, I spread the news among my friends to see who are keen on joining me. The responses were encouraging, that I have 2 friends are into this program with me.

    So today we went to the state-of-art lab for a pre-test. Just then, I suddenly realize, I am going to be a lab rat now! :S

    Ok, I am exaggerating a bit. It's not that kind of research. I will be still in a piece after the program.

    First, I gotta warm up myself a bit...

    Then, I am tied secured on the testing seat, just like Marian.

    Cheerful lab rat.

    Lastly, Ready, Get Set, Action!

    Go go go go go...faster faster faster faster..

    Kao, you think I am really a lab rat meh?

    Tolong: (Malay) Help

    Sunday, March 09, 2008

    Wedding on Polling Day

    Chinese wedding

    Malay wedding

    Another Chinese wedding

    This is really once-a-life-time experience, vote in wedding gown. :D

    BN wins federal govt but opposition takes five states

    BN wins federal govt but opposition takes five states

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Barisan Nasional will form the next Government as it has won more than half the parliamentary seats.

    However, the coalition suffered some of the greatest defeats in its history. Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, in accepting the results, said this was clear proof of democracy at work in the country.

    Among the results yesterday were:

    * The Barisan lost Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor,
    * PAS strengthened grip on Kelantan,
    * Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting won in their seats,
    * Among ministers who lost their seats were Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin,
    * Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon lost to Dr P. Ramasamy in the Batu Kawan parliamentary seat.

    Meanwhile, party leaders urged for calm and police have banned all victory celebrations.

    I look forward to see a bright future of Malaysia! And the same time, I feel deeply pity that I didn't manage to vote for this general election. For the next election, I MUST vote no matter how, as this is my duty, as a Malaysian.

    Malaysia Boleh!

    Saturday, March 08, 2008

    A good reason why blonde should be in a game show

    I guess you must have heard many times blonde = air-head, blonde is stupid...

    Justyna showed me this video that bring stupidity of blonde to another higher level.

    1. I thought Europe was a country.

    2. I never heard of Budapest, but I know they speak French there.

    3. I wanna know if France is a country.

    4. Hungary? That's a country? I've heard of Turkey....but Hungary?

    Well, I shouldn't laugh at her. I thought Europe was a country too when I was 4 years old...

    This is a very good reason why blonde should be in a game show because it will definitely increase viewership.

    (Ppsss... I don't think all blonde are air-head, at least Justyna is a blonde with brain, real good brain.)

    Friday, March 07, 2008

    No chewing gum in Singapore

    Sorry to my friends in Singapore, I can have chewing gum here. See what I bought just now...

    A Bubble Gum machine!

    It's my turn to do presentation about Malaysia and Singapore tomorrow. No chewing gum in Singapore always leave my audience a very deep impression.Every time when I say this, my audience will give me ' what the f*ck' kind of comment.

    Speaking about chewing gum ban in human-right U.S.A., you know...

    Anyway, this is really a cool bubble gum machine. Kids sure like it!

    Well, I admit I am a big kid.

    As well as Han, another big kid!

    his expression: I am cool with bubble gum.

    yeah! I got a bubble gum.

    I know, we are lame. But who care?

    Thursday, March 06, 2008

    Way to fight metal thief

    I guess you must have heard a lot of metal or cable stealing everywhere?

    Here is a suggestion to fight this kind of thievery:

    Although I seriously doubt it will work.

    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    Too cute to fly?

    The details are here: Teens grounded by manners, not by looks

    The line that I cannot tahan the most:

    I think they were just discriminating against [us] because we were young, decent-looking girls. I mean, nobody else on the plane looked like us — except us.”

    Ladies, it wasn't that you were “too pretty to fly.” You were too rude. And, sadly, stereotypically clueless.

    Other than 'bimbo' and 'air-head', what else can I describe them?

    Ah, and also, birds of a same feather flocks together.

    Hei you GIMICS!

    Do you consider yourself as Generation XYZ?

    Do you always want to be genuine and unique?

    Then do you know what GIMICS is?

    Man, you don't know?


    Let me tell you, GIMICS stands for :

    Genuine Invention Made Individually Customized for Savor

    It's all about tough minded, tough design! It's about being yourself!

    Don't you think this design is so cool?

    I want this!!!

    And I like this the most!

    PINK chopstick pouch!!!!!

    It's cool, it's convenient, it's handy, and most important, it's environmental friendly.

    I bet you heard a lot about how gross and disgusting a disposable chopstick can be.

    Speaking about unique, every item comes with an unique serial number in the whole planet! Now, that's what I called 'unique'!

    The best thing, it's not only look good on yourself, it also looks good as a gift.

    And the designs are always a surprise...

    Can you guess what these are? (hints: It's not the predictable hp pouch)

    If you like to take a guess, please leave a comment.

    GIMICS' blog:
    GIMICS' online shop:

    (Psss... if you wanna grab one of these, just email Don't tell them I say so because this is not an advertorial)

    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    You think you know 'Happy Birthday To You'?

    I was listening to Hong Kong radio and the DJs were asking a call-in listener about the origin of 'Happy Birthday To You'.

    I was like: What the heck? Isn't that simple? It's a BIRTHDAY song!

    Te~ Wrong answer.

    The verse was originally intended as a classroom greeting entitled " Good Morning to All".

    Good morning to you,
    Good morning to you,
    Good morning, dear children,
    Good morning to all.

    Ya, I know, this is no big deal. It's just something new that I learn today.

    We all learn something new everyday, don't we?

    Monday, March 03, 2008

    Marching on to be a better person.

    To make sure I am serious on my new year resolution, I guess I better review it every 1 to 2 months, instead of once per year.

    You know, most of us set resolution on 1 Jan and review it only at 31 December 11.59pm. Then you repeat the same resolution on the next minute and review it 364days later, then there go again the same process.

    Sound familiar?

    Now I want to break this process, so let me see how far have I reach toward my resolution:

    1. Slim down from 64.5kgs to 55kgs before my Gunung Kinabalu trip on early May. 9.5kgs within 4 months, approximately 2.375 kgs per month, 600 grams per week, sound easy right?


      Based on my plan, I should weight 59.75kgs by now. See how heavy I am now...

      scarily 62.7kgs

      I am about 3kgs lag from my plan, which means I have to make up 3 kgs more within 1 month = to loss 5.3kgs within 31 days. By end of Mar, I should weight at 57.4kgs.

      (Deep swallow)

    2. I want to be a beauty!

      2 major areas that I need to fix: four-eyes and dracula teeth.
      2 minor areas to correct: messy hair + double chin.

      Hopefully I can save enough $$ to do lasik surgery by May. As for my dracula teeth, I can only fix it (by braces) after I graduated.

      I can get rid of double chin once I achieve resolution 1, while tie my hair up to keep it neat and tidy.

    3. Maintain my full A scorecard. I am ranging in between A and B now, and I have 1 exam in coming every week until end March. Jia you!

    4. Sleep more. I am doing a very good job on this. :)

    5. Strike lottery. Well, I did win $7 lotto, but that's not my definition of 'strike lottery'. I mean the hundred over million jackpot. No luck so far, and my wealth is declining by $10 per week for betting lotto. :(

    Only 40% are kept up-to-date. Guess I have lots of work to do, huh.

    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    I want to be an FHM girl!

    1 and a half month ago, I was 63 kgs.

    1 and a half month later, I am 300 grams lighter. :S

    Man, when can I be FHM girl? I can't be an FHM girl with my fat around my waist!

    I am perpetually at my 3 months pregnancy.sigh...

    How long will it take to look like Chiling jie jie?!?!

    Do you believe in ghost?

    It's Friday again, time to check Facebook. Usually in weekdays I don't have time for this rubbish, assignments+exam+paper+gym+class+work are driving me nuts. Many times Abu tries to talk to me when I reach home at night right before 12am, and I always have no time for her. :( .

    Sorry lar Abu, it's not that I purposely bo hiu you, just that taking 5 classes is really not a joke.... ok, maybe taking 5 classes is really a joke, but getting A for all the classes is not a joke, ok?

    Back to Facebook, I never notice this Superlatives thingy until today. Guess what my friends write about me?

    1. Pinksterz thinks you are Most Likely To Microwave Things that Shouldn't be Microwaved. (checked)

    2. XXX thinks you are Most Likely To Be Elected to a Pro Sports Hall of Fame. (huh?)

    3. XXX thinks you are Most Likely To Have The Best Personality. (huahaha, of course! (flick my hair in vain)

    4. XXX thinks you are Mostly Likely To Love Good Food. Yum. (needless to say, just look at my size)

    5. XXX thinks you are Most Likely To Believe in Ghosts.

    What do you mean by 'most like to believe in ghosts'? 'They' are indeed exist ok? It's not up to you to believe or not because 'they' are really here - under your bed, in your wardrobe, wandering around at your balcony...

    Right? Don't they?

    Well, in personal experience, I am lucky enough not to encounter anyone of 'them'.... yet. I am a very timid girl with very weak heart that any tiny scary or horror story will scare me to death.

    If you have experience with our 'friends from the other side of the world', PLEASE DON'T share with me. Thank you!