Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yeah, finally I win lottery!

Although it was a bad day that I did terribly bad in my accounting test...

Although it was so wasted that I missed Hilary Clinton on her rally today (because I was in the stupid accounting test). Hilary Clinton came to my school to 'pull vote', I wanted to attend her rally, too bad I can't make it. However, it was blessing in diguise because my friend waited for 3 hours before she appears on stage, and her speech was 30mins only.

3 hours of waiting for 30mins speech? No wonder my friend cursed her like hell.

My mood was so bad that I didn't exercise aggressively in the gym room just now, but when I got home at 10pm, my bad mood was totally gone!

Why? Because.... (drumming)

I win lottery!


Although it was just a $3 winning, but it comes from my hand picked number, ok? Not from quick pick number, ok?

Better than nothing right?

Winning lottery in the Chinese New Year month, I bet my luck for this year must be very good.

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bongkersz said...

congrats dude! :)