Thursday, February 14, 2008

What an unexpected Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Something weird just happened in my house. Old Bean came home with flower, balloon and winnie the pooh in a basket.

Turn out to be, this is the Valentine's gift to Abu.

See our responds:-

Han: Wah, today can buy toto liao, sure win de.

Pink Leo: Let me check the tag, sekali it's a gift from daddy's client, then daddy just transferring the gift to Abu only.

Abu: kids really understand your daddy huh...

Old Bean: (deep in his heart) Suay zai suay lui, never support your daddy. Next time no more pocket money.

See, as I always say, life is full of unexpected events!

If I am not wrong, this is the very first Valentine's gift from Old Bean to Abu. Old Bean, from an usually serious guy become a romantic Romeo.

Isn't this better than winning a lottery?

Well, of course, for me, I rather win lottery. Cash is more realistic, ok?

Ok lar, I admit lar. I am just being sour grape. I only have piles of textbook and assignment with me on Valentine's day. sob sob sob...

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