Friday, February 22, 2008

Wanna be famous?

Another boring class, Han and I was playing Deng1 Mi2 (the Chinese riddle?) in the class with our professor talking enthusiastically right in front of us. How did we manage to play deng mi right under his nose?

The trick is, we write our deng mi on our note book. No verbal communication, only eye contact and hand written.

Our professor must be thinking:

"Man, these 2 students really pay attention to my class, taking down notes word-by-word."

Red column is the actual notes, the rest is the deng mi.

After all, he can't read any single Chinese word. XD

After the class, Han asks me if I wanna be an actress. Well, of course I want, I am a vain girl, ok?

Han suggests that both of us send our photo for the audition. Sounds great! We should try everything while we are still young, right?

So, once we reach home, we take pictures (as required) and email it to the audition company.

Half body photo without makeup

Full body photo, still without makeup

After emailing to the audition company, I realize I forget to ask a very important question: Where will the audition be held?

Guess what? It will be held in Malaysia.

Kao, I am in Texas ler, how am I going for the audition?

However, come and think about it, maybe I will not even be called for audition.

So what am I worrying for?

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