Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Vote for Malaysia on Monopoly board NOW!

Relax, it's not time for general elections yet.

It's the world's first global Monopoly - Here & Now : The World Edition that I am talking now. Today, MONOPOLY is the best-selling board game in the world, sold in 103 countries and produced in 37 languages.

YOU have the say! YOU have the power! YOU have the opportunity to place Malaysia on the Monopoly board, and let Malaysia become the icon on Monopoly board.

What are you waiting now, my dear anak Malaysia? Let's prove Malaysia Boleh! Cepat pergi register NOW and vote for Malaysia NOW!

I hope I can vote 1 billion times for Malaysia now, but I can't! Because the stupid rules says that 'Only one vote per city per day will be counted'. So I need your help!

Now Malaysia is ranking at 50. FIFTY!

We have to overtake 30 cities to barely meet the top 20 cities on the list. And we don't have much time left!

23 days left...

Clock is ticking, do it NOW!

Isn't it great when you buy your children a Monopoly board that has Malaysia on it? I would love it!

Side track a bit... 1 more day to go before Chinese New Year, but I have an exam tomorrow and assignment due on CNY day. Poor me in El Paso, a city that know nothing about CNY. I hope you guys enjoy your CNY and watch out your diet, don't eat too much heaty and oily stuff ya!

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!


k0k s3n w4i said...

voted for tallinia, estonia xDxDxD

Pink Leo said...

2 k0k s3n w4i: huh? apa itu? sorry my geo fail de...