Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chiling jiejie or Song Hui Qiao is better?

I am used to have short hair, why? easier to manage, huge saving on hair shampoo, time and other accessories and maintenance.

Now, my hair have grown into very long length(to my standard) and it doesn't look good due to my fine and minimal strain of hair. Every time when I go for hair dressing, EVERY hair dresser recommends me to perm my hair, so that my hair will look more volume and balance (balance with what? My round face?)

All the while, I thought that was just their sales gimmick to maximize their revenue.

Now come back and think about it, I think they meant well to me.

So, I am in a dilemma now, which hair style to do?

Is this the sexy Chiling jie jie hair do?

Sexy curl on the half end

Or this cutie Song Hui Qiao hair do?

Luen Mou all the way

I have hard time imagine their hair style on me.

You see why now?



thelittleworm said...

You may have to keep your hair longer. Anywayz half perm is nicer than full perm.

Pink Leo said...

2 thelittleworm: Thanks for your opinion! Ya, maybe I should keep my hair longer before I perm.