Friday, February 22, 2008

Businessman's wife slapped SIA girl, ouch!

Another not so fresh news, pardon me for living far away from Lion City, this news came to me by ship, not by air, you know?

Why not by air? There are always some crazy rich tai-tai behave crazily in the airplane, gua kia, okay?

Businessman's wife slapped me on flight, says stewardess (read yourself for full details)

Businessman's wife slapped me on flight, says stewardess (this one got nice photo of the tai-tai)

Newspaper cutting:

The stewardess claims Madam Tan slapped her at around 4pm, when the flight was about 80 minutes from Tokyo's Narita Airport.

Immediately after the alleged assault, Ms Then claims Madam Tan asked her in a loud voice: 'Why are you talking to my husband?'

Now this SIA girl is suing the angered wife.

Is this the main point of the news? Of course NOT. First time you see Singapore customer act crazily meh? Har? har? (I bet my colleagues are nodding head vigorously now)

The main point the angered wife is 'Mrs. Venture Corp chairman and chief executive officer Wong Ngit Liong'. Now that makes a big difference.

Do you think this suay SIA girl can win the case? Against this super rich bitch madame?

Place your bet now, pal.