Friday, February 22, 2008

Banks paying more attention to bloggers

News time! Okay, I know this is not a fresh hot news anymore, but better than nothin, right?

Banks paying more attention to bloggers (read yourself for full details)

To cut the story short, what happened was that, there was this mother-of-2 had an unpleasant experience with OCBC bank branch, and she blogged about it.

Surprisingly, 1 week later, this mummy received a hamper with banking material she wanted, toy and a personal letter from top management of OCBC.

Again, this shows that ANYone can be reading your blog now, including your father, your mother, your manager, you supervisor, your big boss, your client, your next-door, maybe even Mr. Emperor Lee that every Singaporean worships (if he has the spare time).

Make good use of your blog and you will be the winner! We blogger rock sia!


Johnny Ong said...

i agree on yr blog posting here. i travel a lot on emirates airlines and blogged about their failure in keying in my frequent flyer points and somehow they read that posting and sent an email to me.

all points, some way back in year 2005 were credited into my account and my membership re-instated to a better status.

and on an unfortunate case, a local airline (not mentioning it this time) read another posting of mine where i went to a friend's office to assist in his printing job for this airline. the airline read it and reprimanded my friend and he could lose the account as well. made me sleepless for nights.

Pink Leo said...

2 johnny ong: thanks for sharing your experience. I think blogging is indeed like 2 edges sword, it can help you, but it can hurt you too.