Friday, February 29, 2008

If Michael Fay was in El Paso...

Michael Fay, does this name ring a bell in your head?

Hello, this is THE guy who kena caned in Singapore for vandalism in 1994,despite pleas from United States government.

Well, I bet Michael Fay will love El Paso because...

Obviously vandalism is part of the culture here.

Told ya, welcome to the FREE country!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Wanna be famous?

Another boring class, Han and I was playing Deng1 Mi2 (the Chinese riddle?) in the class with our professor talking enthusiastically right in front of us. How did we manage to play deng mi right under his nose?

The trick is, we write our deng mi on our note book. No verbal communication, only eye contact and hand written.

Our professor must be thinking:

"Man, these 2 students really pay attention to my class, taking down notes word-by-word."

Red column is the actual notes, the rest is the deng mi.

After all, he can't read any single Chinese word. XD

After the class, Han asks me if I wanna be an actress. Well, of course I want, I am a vain girl, ok?

Han suggests that both of us send our photo for the audition. Sounds great! We should try everything while we are still young, right?

So, once we reach home, we take pictures (as required) and email it to the audition company.

Half body photo without makeup

Full body photo, still without makeup

After emailing to the audition company, I realize I forget to ask a very important question: Where will the audition be held?

Guess what? It will be held in Malaysia.

Kao, I am in Texas ler, how am I going for the audition?

However, come and think about it, maybe I will not even be called for audition.

So what am I worrying for?

Businessman's wife slapped SIA girl, ouch!

Another not so fresh news, pardon me for living far away from Lion City, this news came to me by ship, not by air, you know?

Why not by air? There are always some crazy rich tai-tai behave crazily in the airplane, gua kia, okay?

Businessman's wife slapped me on flight, says stewardess (read yourself for full details)

Businessman's wife slapped me on flight, says stewardess (this one got nice photo of the tai-tai)

Newspaper cutting:

The stewardess claims Madam Tan slapped her at around 4pm, when the flight was about 80 minutes from Tokyo's Narita Airport.

Immediately after the alleged assault, Ms Then claims Madam Tan asked her in a loud voice: 'Why are you talking to my husband?'

Now this SIA girl is suing the angered wife.

Is this the main point of the news? Of course NOT. First time you see Singapore customer act crazily meh? Har? har? (I bet my colleagues are nodding head vigorously now)

The main point the angered wife is 'Mrs. Venture Corp chairman and chief executive officer Wong Ngit Liong'. Now that makes a big difference.

Do you think this suay SIA girl can win the case? Against this super rich bitch madame?

Place your bet now, pal.

Banks paying more attention to bloggers

News time! Okay, I know this is not a fresh hot news anymore, but better than nothin, right?

Banks paying more attention to bloggers (read yourself for full details)

To cut the story short, what happened was that, there was this mother-of-2 had an unpleasant experience with OCBC bank branch, and she blogged about it.

Surprisingly, 1 week later, this mummy received a hamper with banking material she wanted, toy and a personal letter from top management of OCBC.

Again, this shows that ANYone can be reading your blog now, including your father, your mother, your manager, you supervisor, your big boss, your client, your next-door, maybe even Mr. Emperor Lee that every Singaporean worships (if he has the spare time).

Make good use of your blog and you will be the winner! We blogger rock sia!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pajamas Party

I was supposed to meet my friends in Club 101 at 10.30pm, however I was taking nap before that as I was too tired, it turned out that I overslept and woke up pretty late.

Since I can't go anymore, Han and I decided to enjoy a party at our home instead. Han has a shaker and keep various of liquor at home, so he became a bartender.

In this club, no dress code, no cover charge, no irritating smoking, no bombastic music.

Just be relax and comfortable...

By the way, pajamas allowed.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I don't feel safe anymore on campus, gun shooting is everywhere!

You may read this: Gunman opens fire at N. Illinois U. hall

Quote from the news:

  • The shooting was the fourth at a U.S. school within a week.

  • On Feb. 8, a woman shot two fellow students to death before committing suicide at Louisiana Technical College in Baton Rouge. In Memphis, Tenn., a 17-year-old is accused of shooting and critically wounding a fellow student Monday during a high school gym class, and the 15-year-old victim of a shooting at an Oxnard, Calif., junior high school has been declared brain dead.

  • Gotta keep my four eyes wide open everytime I am on campus, man.

    Thursday, February 14, 2008

    Chiling jiejie or Song Hui Qiao is better?

    I am used to have short hair, why? easier to manage, huge saving on hair shampoo, time and other accessories and maintenance.

    Now, my hair have grown into very long length(to my standard) and it doesn't look good due to my fine and minimal strain of hair. Every time when I go for hair dressing, EVERY hair dresser recommends me to perm my hair, so that my hair will look more volume and balance (balance with what? My round face?)

    All the while, I thought that was just their sales gimmick to maximize their revenue.

    Now come back and think about it, I think they meant well to me.

    So, I am in a dilemma now, which hair style to do?

    Is this the sexy Chiling jie jie hair do?

    Sexy curl on the half end

    Or this cutie Song Hui Qiao hair do?

    Luen Mou all the way

    I have hard time imagine their hair style on me.

    You see why now?

    How? HELP ME!

    What an unexpected Valentine's day

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Something weird just happened in my house. Old Bean came home with flower, balloon and winnie the pooh in a basket.

    Turn out to be, this is the Valentine's gift to Abu.

    See our responds:-

    Han: Wah, today can buy toto liao, sure win de.

    Pink Leo: Let me check the tag, sekali it's a gift from daddy's client, then daddy just transferring the gift to Abu only.

    Abu: kids really understand your daddy huh...

    Old Bean: (deep in his heart) Suay zai suay lui, never support your daddy. Next time no more pocket money.

    See, as I always say, life is full of unexpected events!

    If I am not wrong, this is the very first Valentine's gift from Old Bean to Abu. Old Bean, from an usually serious guy become a romantic Romeo.

    Isn't this better than winning a lottery?

    Well, of course, for me, I rather win lottery. Cash is more realistic, ok?

    Ok lar, I admit lar. I am just being sour grape. I only have piles of textbook and assignment with me on Valentine's day. sob sob sob...

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Yeah, finally I win lottery!

    Although it was a bad day that I did terribly bad in my accounting test...

    Although it was so wasted that I missed Hilary Clinton on her rally today (because I was in the stupid accounting test). Hilary Clinton came to my school to 'pull vote', I wanted to attend her rally, too bad I can't make it. However, it was blessing in diguise because my friend waited for 3 hours before she appears on stage, and her speech was 30mins only.

    3 hours of waiting for 30mins speech? No wonder my friend cursed her like hell.

    My mood was so bad that I didn't exercise aggressively in the gym room just now, but when I got home at 10pm, my bad mood was totally gone!

    Why? Because.... (drumming)

    I win lottery!


    Although it was just a $3 winning, but it comes from my hand picked number, ok? Not from quick pick number, ok?

    Better than nothing right?

    Winning lottery in the Chinese New Year month, I bet my luck for this year must be very good.

    Saturday, February 09, 2008

    A lonely girl and guy in one confined room...

    Did my title lure you into here? What are you thinking, pervert?

    10mins to go before I can leave this confined room with a handsome guy, again we both diam diam do our thing, no chatting wan... sian... :(

    So fast it has been 1 weeks since I started this job...
    So fat it's CNY again on yesterday...
    So fast it's exam period again since last year...
    So fast the time flies, however I wish for the time flies much faster so that I can go back to meet my dar dar and friends in Singapore.

    This semester is definitely much more hectic than last semester, I am taking 5 classes ler, including French, kao! I shouldn't take so many classes, now want to drop also cannot drop liao.

    I went to fetch Ping this morning at airport because she is back home for 48 hours only for CNY. See, Chinese New Year also no holiday, how can I stay here for long? Can die man....

    *choi choi* early the New Year don't die die sound. *touch wood*

    Whole lot of things to do everyday, I really cannot blog as frequent as last time liao... You guys are going to miss me, right? RIGHT?

    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    Telephone Marathon


    Finally, finish my calls.

    2 hours ago I start to marathon calling my friends in Malaysia and Singapore to wish them Gong Hei Fatt Choi, Happy Chinese New Year! And watch my Skype credit drops like the US stock market, ha ha... Don't get me wrong! I am happy to see my credit falling low because I really missed my friends so much that I can't stop chatting with them.

    Some are friends that I still keep in touch very frequently, some are friends that I still message them once per month, some are friends that I can call on important days only, aka today the Chinese New Year day, some are friends that I didn't keep in touch with them for so long that I afraid that they may have forgotten me.

    'Hello, I am Pink Leo. Happy New Year!'

    'Sorry, Pink Leo who?'

    'Pink Leo ar... neh, your friend where we meet at where, we did what together before....'

    'Sorry wrong number' *end call*

    'Hello? Hello?' Damn it, I am sure that I didn't call the wrong number.

    There are some friends that I really want to call them desperately, but somehow their phone number decide to wear the invisibility cloak at this very moment.

    Ok, if you are my friend and you didn't receive my call just now, trust me, I really want to call you but apparently your phone number have gone for vacation too. So, I guess it would be still the same if I do it here:


    Most important, stay happy all the time, like me...

    I heard you, I will take care of myself very well. Ok?

    Wednesday, February 06, 2008

    Vote for Malaysia on Monopoly board NOW!

    Relax, it's not time for general elections yet.

    It's the world's first global Monopoly - Here & Now : The World Edition that I am talking now. Today, MONOPOLY is the best-selling board game in the world, sold in 103 countries and produced in 37 languages.

    YOU have the say! YOU have the power! YOU have the opportunity to place Malaysia on the Monopoly board, and let Malaysia become the icon on Monopoly board.

    What are you waiting now, my dear anak Malaysia? Let's prove Malaysia Boleh! Cepat pergi register NOW and vote for Malaysia NOW!

    I hope I can vote 1 billion times for Malaysia now, but I can't! Because the stupid rules says that 'Only one vote per city per day will be counted'. So I need your help!

    Now Malaysia is ranking at 50. FIFTY!

    We have to overtake 30 cities to barely meet the top 20 cities on the list. And we don't have much time left!

    23 days left...

    Clock is ticking, do it NOW!

    Isn't it great when you buy your children a Monopoly board that has Malaysia on it? I would love it!

    Side track a bit... 1 more day to go before Chinese New Year, but I have an exam tomorrow and assignment due on CNY day. Poor me in El Paso, a city that know nothing about CNY. I hope you guys enjoy your CNY and watch out your diet, don't eat too much heaty and oily stuff ya!

    Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

    Monday, February 04, 2008

    I can sleep at any second now

    Just reach home from ski trip at Ski Apache with the International Ambassadors . Super exhausted and sleepy now, I can sleep at any second now.

    Description of the day? 1 word: FUN FUN FUN! SYOK SYOK SYOK!

    Ok, it's 6 words liao. 6 times the fun and syok!

    Sneak peek on today's picture:

    Will upload more when I gather all the photos from the rest of ambassadors.

    Pengsan on bed liao now...

    Saturday, February 02, 2008

    The Chinese girl who makes a lot of funny sounds.

    Now I am sitting in my new office, 15mins to go before I can leave this office. The Chinese describe newbie’s as cai4 niao3 aka vegetable bird. So now I am a vegetable bird.

    Basically there is nothing much to do for this job, I just record and post the graded papers, help a bit on my professor's research paper such as correct the error on spelling and grammar.

    It sounds easy right? Well, kind of...expect the part that 'correct the error on spelling and grammar' in ENGLISH! Kao, I am a cheena-pai ler, how am I supposed to do that?

    Friday is an extremely quiet day for our office; even a needle drop can be heard. There is only an old lady, a handsome hunk and I sitting in the office, where the old lady is seated at outer part of office, left me and the handsome hunk in a confined space.

    Awkward moment come when my stomach growls non-stop for hungriness in this extremely quiet office.

    You see, if a needle drop can be heard, needless to say for my stomach growl.

    I guess I am the winner of the day: The Chinese girl who makes a lot of funny sounds.