Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yeah, don't need to sell my body liao!

I always say : Life is so unexpected...

This is what happened:

Last Wednesday:-
I was still bugging my friend for a TA (Teaching Assistant) opening because I really need this position. I have been submitting my application since last November and not even a single department call me for interview. I almost give up liao!

I was so desperate for money that I was actually thinking of selling my body for $$. Why I want to be a TA so desperately? Because if I am a TA,

  1. My tuition fee is cut by half. HALF ler! USD 6k become USD3k, huge difference you know?
  2. Current salary become doubled. DOUBLE ler... USD450 become USD900, lagi huge difference you know?

Last Thursday:-
Still pestering asking my friend for job opening in the morning. And later in the afternoon, I got a call for TA interview on the next day. Yoohoo!

Last Friday:-
Went for the TA interview, doesn't sound good because the interviewer said:

"You go back and consider (huh? Not you consider whether to hire me meh?) It is ok if you reject this job. Of course, I have other candidates in my list."

Read between the line = I don't want to hire you. Go away!

Anyway, he did ask me to 'go back and consider', so on the weekend, I wrote him a good and diplomatic reply that I seriously want that job!

The interviewer replies and says: Ok, we will arrange you for 2nd round interview.

Not bad, at least I am not totally rejected. There is a 50/50 chance.

0945 Driving to school, my dear friend Susi called me while I was driving, saying that there is a TA opening in another department (let's call it M&M department).

1000 Print my resume etc, and get ready to M&M.

1030 Submit my application form to M&M.

1035 Interview

1040 I am employed. No 2nd round interview.

See, within an hour, my whole situation changed. Not only I got the TA job, I actually got my dream job.

Moral of the story?



spirits said...


Pink Leo said...

2 spirits: xie xie o! I am still so happy now!

Anonymous said...

What is M & M?? Like the colored candies where you count them and do research on why people like the green ones more??~!!

Pink Leo said...

2 anonymous: M$M = Marketing and Management. I make it M&M so that it sounds cute. XD