Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why do you blog?

Again I'm now in my 10 pc lab, eng eng bo dai zhee. Forgot to bring my pencil case, thus all my ga-can especially the thumb drive is not with me. Cham~

Luckily I still can go online and do something, like blogging! And read many blogs for few hours, some funny some cheeky some boring some stupid some chim and some plain just like Pink Leo's trap.

Some blogs have thousands of traffic daily and some have hundreds annually.

Some people write for fun, for keeping in touch with whoever, for money, for fame and for expressing their dissatisfaction of life.

So tell me, why do you blog? The purpose, the motive, the agenda and the result you are seeking...

For moi, I blog because I love to write. I like to pen down my daily life, be it ordinary or extraordinary. I like my children (in future) be able to look into mama's life without me repeating the stories. I like to look back into my life and laugh at my stupidity then. I like to give myself a sense of arts and creativity in this money-dominated world. I like to improve my English and skills of writing.

Last but not the least, I am an attention seeker (typical Leo lar!). XD . So I start to blog.

Many obstacles came before I start out this blog. Like first, what nick should I use? Should I use my real name? or should I use some bombastic nick instead? No, I don't think using my real name is a good idea. Thus I went to think for a good nick name. I thought of sui-za-bor, cheo-bu, sexy-mama, BB girl (stands for Big Boobs girl) etc. At the end I dropped this idea because I want to be able to face my conscience.

sexy mama?

Blogger also got ethics one, ok?

Then I start to think of more 'acceptable' nick...I like Pink, and I like McDull, why not Pink-Mcdull or Pink-Pig or Pink-Piggu?

Or maybe Pink-Dog, Pink-Doggie or Pink-AhKow because I was born in year of dog?

Well, pig and dog don't sound cheo, moreover I am living in a Muslim country, sekali I offended my Muslim friends because of my nick, not worth the try.

So, I thought of my zodiac, aarrrrhhh... Leo. Pink-Leo! Pink-Leo sounds gorgeous enough, at least better than pig and dog.

Then settle for my nick. Next is looking for suitable blog domain. It didn't take me long to decide on The real challenge come when I need to customize my blog, it involves sense of artistic and some computing knowledge. It took me very long time to understand the html code, how to make my blog pretty pretty, how to add traffic ticker, how to link to another page etc.

Now, the most challenging part is how to write a good, acceptable yet popular blog. I reckon out blogging comes with a lot of conditions, such as know how to take photograph, to photoshop, to add bling-bling, be creative, be funny, be humorous, be artistic, be shameless dare, and most important, be talented.

I am still learning now, hopefully someone can share with me the secret of it.Thanks yo!

Don't forget to share with me why do you blog, s'vil vous plait!


pinksterz said...

i am blogging for myself :)

it is fun to blog and share your stories and to get response (aka comments from others).

and blogging is good too because it improves me in many ways. i am getting better with photoshop :D and yeah HTML also xD

Danny Foo said...

I blog because it's a space for me to let out my frustration and indefinite thoughts. Mainly more of website design and development than personal.

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Well, I blog to keep in touch with my family and friends.

I want to build up readership so I can the world what great family and friends I have.

I'm not too keen on earning money through me site, but, you'll never know when the rain is coming.

Pink Leo said...

2 pinksterz: Yeah! Gimme 5!me become better in photo editing and html. side bonus on blogging!

2 danny foo: wow..good way to let out frustration... not much damage in this way..coz i know many ppl eat non stop to let out frustration.

2 hwei ming: my cousin and friends dun need to keep email me for my updates. 1 site for all. huahaha...

Doeu said...

blogging... coz I love writing since young.

Secondly, it allow people and yourself to know all these days, ur lifestyle, u remember...your foodsteps

Thirdly, you get people to know you more. SOmetimes, you get to know more readers...

Pink Leo said...

2 doeu: Yeah, know more readers. That's how we 'met',right? haha...

k0k s3n w4i said...

i blog becos i'm an attention-whore...


okayla. it was because I just entered into medical school and i wanted to keep writing so i don't go out of practice :)

here's to writing because we love to write :D!!!

Pink Leo said...

2 k0k s3n w4i: Haha..attention-whore.. that's a good word to describe me too