Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome to Singapore, the happiest country in Asia.

'Welcome to Singapore, the happiest country in Asia.'?

Next second, I am rolling on the floor, as well as my family member. Hahahahahahahaha...

'How could it be?'

'This is more impossible than MI3'

'Did they happen to interview the tourist only instead of resident'?

As far as I could remember, in the 2006 Happy Planet Index report(HPI), Singapore was ranked as 131 among 178 countries surveyed, No.1 in Asia from bottom.

Quote from the news:

  1. Ninety-five percent of the people around us say they're either somewhat happy or very happy," Buettner said of Singapore.

  2. A man named Lee Kwan Yew took power in Singapore, and laid down the law. He made the Chinese and Malaysian locals learn English, banned spitting, chewing gum and long hair, and even paid educated people to have children.

  3. With his draconian laws he transformed Singapore from a smelly, chaotic seaport into one of the richest, cleanest, safest and most efficient big cities in the world. But woe unto those who break the rules and litter or forget to flush.

Happiest? UNhappiest perhaps!

But don't get me wrong, I love Singapore for its uniqueness - KIASU.

(For those Singaporean who are going to condemn on me, please note that I am an ambassador of Malaysia and Singapore in my school. I am here to promote the beauty and uniqueness (of coz not the kiasu part) of YOUR country.

Ok, go ahead and shoot me now!)


SEO Engineering 101 said...

Singapore also has the lowest Internet Penetration Context..

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Anonymous said...

we are pple living in global village. refrain from classifying or stereotyping pple into regions...
once you master this, perhaps you can be the happiest person in THIS WORLD.