Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sharlinie alive and will be found, predicts bomohs

Sharlinie alive and will be found, predicts bomohs

Quote from the news:-

  1. Releasing the pigeon is symbolic of the release of Sharlinie by her captors. Cracking the coconut is akin to softening the captor’s heart.
  2. The kidnappers wanted to test their black magic on her.
  3. Sharlinie was being held captive in a flat nearby.
  4. The bomohs were unanimous in saying that Sharlinie, who was reported missing on Jan 9, was alive and would be found within a week.

Sorry for being rude, but I can't help to smirk when I read these. If these bomohs can see soooooo many things, why can't they see where is she right now? Huh?

By the way, can the bomohs predict next Toto first prize? Or coming stock market trend? Or the future of Malaysia?

But of course, I must give them credit, for claiming that Sharlinie will be found within a week. At least, this could ease the tension and worries from her family.

This may sound contradicting, but I really hope that bomohs' prediction can come true.


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zewt said...

for all the technology advancement and wawasan 2020 and all the crap about development.... our govt has to resort to bomoh and this news is front page!!!!

oh... how advanced we are...