Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Law family

Happy 2008! Good bye 2007! New year has come and I am glad that all my family members are doing fine and we still stay close to each other. 家和万事兴,I strongly believe in this.

I bet you've seen Abu,Han,Ping,LogHeadYap,Old Bean in my many posts, but, are you confuse who is who?

Who is Abu? Is it the little monkey in Aladdin?

What is Old Bean? Is it a kind of expired bean?

LogHeadYap, huh? Apa ini?

Hei hei, I am doing to introduce one by one of Mi Familia today, my beloved and most important people in my life!

Let's start from the dumbest youngest of all...

Ping aka 猪头萍. She is my youngest and only sister.

15 years ago...

We like to bully her because she is the easiest target to attack! Of course I have to give her all the credit of being extremely hardworking in doing all the house chores-she does all the laundry, mop the floor, iron the clothes, clean the bathroom. Yes, that's what I meant by 'easiest target'. *Evil grin*

15 years later...

Next, my younger and only brother, Han. I always envy him for having a nice name 俊汉 aka handsome hunk. Handsome tak handsome, hunk tak hunk, gua tak tau. At least the name says that.

Han is the 1 finger boy. The cute little girl behind him is gua.

As far as I can recall, Han liked to follow me everywhere when we were very young. Probably it's due to that he didn't have a choice because I was the only sibling (before Pin was born). As he grew older, he hates to stick with me anymore. Of course, tagging along with elder sister ain't that cool.

On his 23rd birthday.

Fate must be playing on him, because we are classmate now. Both of us are taking the same classes and he 'has' to stick to me almost everyday, except he is sleeping+at work+dating (sometimes I do tag along to be a *ahem* bulb)+bathing. Huahahahaha...

Still the 1 finger boy! The beauty behind him isn't me anymore, but his girl.

Now come my parent. Abu dengan Old Bean.

Why Abu? Try this in Hokkien: 阿母, then you'll get it.

Sleeping auntie GREAT BEAUTY! (Walao, I nearly chopped by Abu)

As for Old Bean, try this is Cantonese: 老豆. Get It?

Serious Old Bean (I mustn't make fun of him. He is my ATM now.)

Abu has a very young heart, she read blogs (including mine, thus I have to apple polish her a bit or else I am doomed), she is very addicted to idols and she takes edgy photos.

Horizontal V

Vertical V

No doubt, Old Bean and Abu is the most loving couple in this world.

See how happy Abu is

Sweet old young couple

As you can see, we are not that usual family. We take dumb funny photos, we act like alien and we think like comedian.

Aliens landing on earth

This is probably the most normal-looking photo of us.

We are crazy happy family!

That's all of my Law family. Why 'Law'? Gua punya surname is Law lah... So, mai siao siao ok? Gua si Law leh.


Oh no, I've forgotten another important person, rather, important man in my life.

My dear hubby Mr.LogHeadYap. Ok, his surname is just Yap but I added LogHead to better describe his character - 木头.

We met each other 4 years ago and on June 2006, we decided to move on our relationship into a lifetime commitment.

My most beautiful moment

We studied together...

We took pretty picture together...


And we been through ugly moment together...

It has been 5 months that I didn't see him, since I left Singapore/Malaysia for further study. I missed him a lot and I look forward to meet him in coming summer holiday.

So, Happy New Year everyone!

May you and your family stay close, stay healthy and stay happy!

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