Sunday, January 27, 2008

Impromptu trip to Las Cruces

I was meeting up Marian (the Miss Switzerland) and her friend, Alexia from Switzerland for brunch (breakfast cum lunch) in Village Inn yesterday. See what I had!

Yogurt crunch!

Marian recommended this to me. She says this is very similar to her Swiss breakfast. She thought I may not like it because it has yogurt, milk and granolas. And guess what? I really like it. Marian says I am not a typical Asian, or rather, typical Chinese. Because I can take spicy curry, cheese, yogurt, cereal product... I said I am just a typical Malaysian, because Malaysian can take almost anything, from East to the West.

Well, in fact my stomach is just like a rubbish bin, take whatever it has. Haha..

Before our meal was served, Marian passed me some buah tangan from her country...which include my favourite Chocolate!

It was chocolate box cum photo frame.

See, the chocolate doesn't look like chocolate at all, it's like a post card from Switzerland.

As she went to Paris to celebrate New Year, she bought me Eiffel Tower too!

I mean, the miniature version. That's so sweet of her!

I was supposed to meet her for brunch only, however it turned out that I am going to Las Cruces with them after the brunch, and we had dinner too.

Las Cruces is located about 45mins away from El Paso, it's like Melaka - an old town. When I was there, I felt like I have stepped into time machine and gone back to ancient time.

We had dinner in an Italian restaurant, Lorenzo. I had Italian Dumpling, Lobster Ravioli, it comes with home made bread and salad. I 'upgraded' the house salad to Cranberries Salad, it was really yummy. I feel like traveling 45mins again to there to have the salad.

As I didn't bring my camera along (told you was an impromptu trip), so my photos are with them right now. After I retrieve photo from them, I will post it here.

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