Monday, January 28, 2008

I decide to become a robber

The world's economic is not good now, so I decided to become a robbery.

Gimme your $$ or I'll kill you!!

Haha, do I look like one? I just bought a balaclava for the KK trip. I also bought a ski jacket (can be used for the KK trip too)

Hiker boots

I will resume on buying other accessories like waterproof hiking pants, head torch and etc on another day.

Not only I can use the balaclava to keep myself warming on mountain hiking, to be a robbery when I need $$ desperately. I can also use it to cover my hair when I am in Muslim country.

Hello, My name is Aminah.


Anonymous said...

I think you want to become a ROBBER and commit ROBBERY isn't it?

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Yeah... You are getting me..

so becareful if you wear that kinda thing in public.. next time U wake up ..U will be in my cave in Afghanistan..

haaa haa haaa

Pink Leo said...

2 geek: woo... Afghanistan, that's far away..Me takut...

2 anonymous: Hmm..I think you are right. My Engrish is private limited ler...

Anonymous said...

red alert red alert!!! :) - xing xing