Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Abu!

It's Abu's birthday tomorrow (2 days ago was Ping's one, their birthday are just 2 days apart). As all of us have to work and go for class until late night on tomorrow, so Han and I bought her a birthday present on today instead.

It's really nothing very expensive, but definitely lovely. It's Tulip!

Mind you, it's not those bouquet that the tulips will languish within few days, it's a living tulip in a pot!

Ok lar, we wanted to buy a nice bouquet for Abu de, however hor.. all the Carnation bouquets we saw sure have chrysanthemum flower. You know which type of chrysanthemum, the one where we use for funeral or on graves, or when we go to temple to 'bai bai'.


Thus we get something else, which is more elegant.... Tulip. I think she really likes the tulip pot a lot, see her smile!

Happy Birthday Mum!

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Zhu Tou Ping said...

Happy Birthday, Oma!!

(Sorry lah, forgot to call coz my phone is so CACAT!!...)