Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008 from Pink Leo

Happy New Year! Happy 2008!

I guess you guys in Malaysia/Singapore had countdown to 1 Jan 08, but not my turn yet.

Few more hours to go before I can start my countdown. It's indeed that time flies in light speed. It's the time again for new year resolution and conclude achievement of the year.

Top 10 major things in 2007:-

  1. Made a sudden decision to pursue Master degree in Jan. Real sudden. Took GMAT and TOEFL test within few weeks time.
  2. This is the year that I traveled most : Pulau Sibu, Penang, Melaka, Phuket, Taiwan and USA.
  3. This is also the year that I watched most musical performances - Eason Chan's concert, Jacky Cheung's concert, MayDay's concert and Phantom of Opera. Jacky and Eason are my only 2 idols. I am thrilled that I can watch both of their concerts within 1 year.
  4. In April, red alarm on my health condition that I had constant giddiness, due to irregular shifter life and work stress.
  5. On 3 May, I lost my auntie. Rest in peace, aunt.
  6. In May, I ended my shifter life and my health condition recovered. (Hurray!)
  7. On 9 Aug, I dumped LogHeadYap alone in Singapore and joined my family in Texas. On Christmas, I went for trip with my family again! Yeah! It has been many years that I didn't see my family, neither to say to go on trip with them.
  8. For the first time in my life, I am living in a country with four seasons. Frankly speaking, I don't like winter. I missed tropical weather.
  9. On Christmas eve, I received my first semester exam results. Guess what? I got full A! This is the best Christmas gift.
  10. Last but not the least, start my Pink Leo blog here on 1 August.

After looking at my past, it's time for my future. I made a very brief resolution few days ago. Now, I want to do a proper list:-

  1. The same resolution every year - Slim down :). I am at 64.5kgs now, doctor recommended an ideal weight for my height: 55kgs. That's about 10kgs to go. Huge project.
  2. I want to be a beauty! After I gain my slimmer waist line, I must learn how to dress up. No more t-shirt+khakis for shopping, no more oily hair and no more plain and dull complexion. My target:

    Chiling. 34,24,35, Angel's face, Demon's figure

  3. Study hard. Maintain my full A scorecard.
  4. Sleep more. More beauty sleep will give me better complexion.

  5. Strike lottery, perhaps?

So far, I've enjoyed blogging for the past 5 months and I strongly believe I will continue to blog as further as I can, even I have kids in future.

Minasan, ganbatte ne! Jia you everyone!

Happy 2008!


xing xing said...

happy new year to you and your family as well !!!

spirits said...

Happy 2008