Saturday, January 12, 2008

Going to Kota Kinabalu

Finally, the KK trip in May is somewhat confirmed. For those in Singapore, this is Gunung Kinabalu climbing trip, not KK hospital (not so fast yet to KK, maybe 5 years later). Just take it as KK for convenience.

It has been years that I keep saying 'I want to go to KK', 'I want to go to Redang' or 'I want to go to Japan'. All these 'I want to...' always cakap-cakap aje, never happen in the end. This time it's different, I am going for sure.

Folks, please share any tips with me on climbing the mountain. I really want to make it to the top, safely. FYI, I never been to such mountain climbing before, thus I am a bit takut now.

Here is our itinerary:


    Meet at airport and send to Backpackers lodge.O/N in KK


    Meet at lodge early after breakfast, transfer to Kinabalu Park for ascend to the highest point in South East Asia. On this approximately 2 hours drive, stop at Nabalu for last minute shopping (simple items like fruits water, biscuits, batteries, torch and etc). At Kinabalu Park HQ, register with the park. After getting your packed lunch, transfer to Timpohon Gate to commence the climb with your mountain guide.

    Check into Pendant Hut & meet your Mt Torq trainer.

    VIA FERRATA familiarization.

    Dinner at Laban Rata Restaurant. O/N at Pendant Hut (non heating hut)


    Wake up for breakfast and packed up.

    Commence the last 2km hike to Low's Peak with your mountain guide.

    Reach the Summit Point.

0545hrs- 0700hrs
    Descend down to meet your Mt Torq trainer to Walk The Torq, Asia's first Via Ferrate. This walk will take approximately 2 - 3 hrs.

    Arrive at Pendant Hut, prepare for the descent to Timpohon Gate.

    Transfer to Kota Kinabalu. O/N at backpackers Lodge.


    Meet by guide for a 2 hours drive to Beaufort. Board the train to the Starting Point at Pangi Station then raft the rapid till you reach the Ending Point).
    After BBQ lunch, board the train to Beaufort then transfer by vehicle to Kota Kinabalu.

    Arrive at KK.O/N at Backpackers Lodge.

DAY 5 Balik

Start training my kaki and body to conquer this tallest mountain in Malaysia. Hopefully my kaki can make it to the top!

Gunung Kinabalu, here I come!


Farhah said...

heh! good luck in your trip. hope you conquer the KK. (:

Some Singaporean Girl said...

been my dream to conquer the moutain one day but nvr been able to get any kaki.. All da best to ya!