Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Exposed in pajamas

It was 3.30pm in the afternoon, and I am in my pajamas. Why don't I change into normal clothing?

  1. It's winter now, I don't sweat much. Why should I change?
  2. It's cold outside, thus I am staying indoor the whole day. Staying indoor=Nobody will see me except my family. Why should I change?
  3. Less changing less laundry. I support green world. :D

(Abu will definitely say 'full of craps. Lazy say lazy lar!')

Abu asked me to pull back the rubbish bin in front yard. Our rubbish bin is not like Malaysian style that permanently stick to a spot (har? We got use rubbish bin de meh? We just dump rubbish into whatever deserted spot)

Dilarang buang sampah

Or Singaporen rubbish chute style.

Is it a letter box? No, it's a rubbish chute.

What we have is rubbish bin like this:

Usually this bin is placed at our backyard. Every Tuesday dawn, the rubbish collector will drive its state-of-arts rubbish collecting truck to collect rubbish from door-to-door. Thus we have to:-
  1. push the bin into front yard
  2. position it nicely on roadside
  3. When the state-of-arts rubbish truck comes, it will extend its machine hand
  4. grab the bin
  5. pour the rubbish into the truck
  6. place back the emptied bin on roadside
  7. And brroooomm... next door

Cheo bo? It's fast, it's clean and it's efficient as 1 man controls the rubbish truck only. Not like Malaysian style

1 lorry, 2 drivers, 3 pengangkut sampah

Anyway, back to my pajamas story. Abu asked me to pull back the rubbish bin in front yard. I was wearing my pajamas, paiseh to let other people see me in such attire. Thus, I looked out of door, confirmed it's coastal clear. Time to charge. I run to the rubbish bin.... 5 more steps to go...

Then, at this moment, a young handsome guy appeared out of nowhere, walking on opposite street.

OMG, what a moment! I pray that he didn't see me, I pray that I can run faster. However, I forgot that I am living in a friendly neighbourhood.

The handsome guy turned his head, faced me full front and said 'Hi!'

S*it! I can't pretend I don't see him anymore. So I said 'Hi' to him my pajamas.

Hi, my friendly neighbour.

I hope he doesn't think that all Chinese like to wear pajamas in the broad daylight.

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