Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Countdown: Bury a body in desert

It was super duper cold outside on 31 December 2007 10.30pm. Most people choose to stay indoor to countdown, however crazy people like us choose to go outdoor.

First, we get firework supplies.

After that, we drive to an ulu desert.

Then, it's time to fire!

Because it was too cold and too dry, it was very difficult for us to light up.

This thing remain unflamed after N tries. Duch...

And play firecracker in El Paso is slightly different. Other than the usual lighter or matches, firework supplies, we have to bring along a spade too.

Why? It's to cover the unintentional flame to prevent spread out of wild fire.

But from far, especially without light, it seems like he is dugging a hole to bury a body. Huahahahahaha!

Finally, the moment has come! 5...4...3...2...1...

Three katak jumped at 12am 01 Jan 2008! 1 year has gone!

Me in 2007 New Year countdown

Me in 2008, tio chua!

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