Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can I borrow your LAN JIAO?

Today during the ever boring Accounting class, Han showed me this pen:

"Read this"

I read it in Mandarin "tian1 mu3 lan2 niao3 ka1 fei1..."

"No, speak your mother tongue lar, you are a Hokkien"


"ti bu lam jiao kopi..."

Wait a minute... LAM JIAO?

Then we both start to laugh non-stop, but because it was a quiet class, so we had to suppress our laughter and we giggle hard instead. The professor must be wondering what did he say wrongly.

Later in the class, my pen gone ink less, so I asked him:

"Oi, can I borrow your LANM JIAO?"

Again the professor looked at us with many question marks on his head...


Anonymous said...

where he get that pen from??

azrin @ Kedai -dot- everything

Pink Leo said...

2 azrin:well, i don't know. sorry.