Friday, January 11, 2008

Bet on my virgin

It has been a roller coaster day, or perhaps, tsunami day. I made an important step on my life - be a 'stocker'.

Kidding lar, there is not such word as 'stocker', my English teacher will puke if she sees this, unless you mean 'stalker'... hhhmm..not good either.

Anyway, I start to *learn-how-to* buy and sell share today. As a typical Chinese, I believe in virgin newbie's luck. But, probably I wasn't that total Cheena that I forgot to consult the Chinese calender, to see if today is a good day to start my 'stocker' life. Ended up I've chosen the most fluctuated day to enter stock market.

down down up up down down

After much heart attacks, finally the stock market closed for the day. Luckily enough, I did earn some pocket money for myself.

Happy happy.... I want to buy bikinis...
Happy happy...I want to make myself skinny...
Happy happy... Don't ask me to belanja you can liao, hrgh!

1 comment:

Winsor said...

ahhh.. nowadays the oil prices are creating fluctuations all around the market, very volatile man.

take extra care. But still, good job for making some money!