Monday, January 14, 2008

Being Pink Leo 1.0

After blogging for some time, more than 1 year (including my previous blog in friendster, which totally sucks by the way), indeed I start to gain little fame in this virtual world. Hmm, maybe not 'fame', but more like 'friendship', the f word. Haha!

It is a strange world now. You may not know your next door (at least I don't know who my next door is, :S), but somehow you can 'know' a person from blogging world, who is thousand miles away and probably you don't even know how does he/she looks like, except from the photo in the blog.

But mind you, there is always this magic wand call 'photoshop'.



I start to notice few frequent passerby in my little pink jungle and they do take the effort to growl whenever they are here. How sweet of them! I need not name them one by one here, because you can always see their names in comments and shoutbox.

Of course, not to forget some phantom readers. Although you didn't leave your footprint here, although you pass like a breeze, I know you were here.

Thus, I really want to say:-

Thank you!
谢谢!Xie Xie!
Terima Kasih!
多谢!Dor Zeh!
感谢!Gam Siah!
どもありがとうございます!domo arigatou gozaimasu!

Since young, I love to sing...


and write. Obviously I don't have talent in all these areas.

Until now, I haven't master anything on above, but I am lucky that I can pen down whatever I like in this virtual diary. I am just a plain jane that who is very fortunate to have a good parent...

loving siblings...

and faithful husband.

It's really flattering to have you readers here. If my humble jungle can bring some colour into your world, Pink Leo is happy!

By the way, I've started another blog yesterday, Chinese version of Pink Leo's trap. 请多多指教!

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