Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Abu!

It's Abu's birthday tomorrow (2 days ago was Ping's one, their birthday are just 2 days apart). As all of us have to work and go for class until late night on tomorrow, so Han and I bought her a birthday present on today instead.

It's really nothing very expensive, but definitely lovely. It's Tulip!

Mind you, it's not those bouquet that the tulips will languish within few days, it's a living tulip in a pot!

Ok lar, we wanted to buy a nice bouquet for Abu de, however hor.. all the Carnation bouquets we saw sure have chrysanthemum flower. You know which type of chrysanthemum, the one where we use for funeral or on graves, or when we go to temple to 'bai bai'.


Thus we get something else, which is more elegant.... Tulip. I think she really likes the tulip pot a lot, see her smile!

Happy Birthday Mum!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I decide to become a robber

The world's economic is not good now, so I decided to become a robbery.

Gimme your $$ or I'll kill you!!

Haha, do I look like one? I just bought a balaclava for the KK trip. I also bought a ski jacket (can be used for the KK trip too)

Hiker boots

I will resume on buying other accessories like waterproof hiking pants, head torch and etc on another day.

Not only I can use the balaclava to keep myself warming on mountain hiking, to be a robbery when I need $$ desperately. I can also use it to cover my hair when I am in Muslim country.

Hello, My name is Aminah.

Woody the Woodpecker was here!

Suddenly, Abu shouted:

"Who wants to see Woody Woodpecker?"

"Me! me!" I jumped.

"Then go to the backyard. Walk slowly because you don't want to scare it off." Abu warned.

Here...I picked up my Fujifilm Z2, walking slowly to the backyard while I hear continuous 'tek tek tek tek tek' wood hitting sounds.

Click for bigger picture

Here, Woody the Woodpecker was here!

Well, This the best picture I could take because it flied off the moment I came closer to it.

How many of you ever see a woodpecker in such near distance before? At least this is the first time for me. XD

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Impromptu trip to Las Cruces

I was meeting up Marian (the Miss Switzerland) and her friend, Alexia from Switzerland for brunch (breakfast cum lunch) in Village Inn yesterday. See what I had!

Yogurt crunch!

Marian recommended this to me. She says this is very similar to her Swiss breakfast. She thought I may not like it because it has yogurt, milk and granolas. And guess what? I really like it. Marian says I am not a typical Asian, or rather, typical Chinese. Because I can take spicy curry, cheese, yogurt, cereal product... I said I am just a typical Malaysian, because Malaysian can take almost anything, from East to the West.

Well, in fact my stomach is just like a rubbish bin, take whatever it has. Haha..

Before our meal was served, Marian passed me some buah tangan from her country...which include my favourite Chocolate!

It was chocolate box cum photo frame.

See, the chocolate doesn't look like chocolate at all, it's like a post card from Switzerland.

As she went to Paris to celebrate New Year, she bought me Eiffel Tower too!

I mean, the miniature version. That's so sweet of her!

I was supposed to meet her for brunch only, however it turned out that I am going to Las Cruces with them after the brunch, and we had dinner too.

Las Cruces is located about 45mins away from El Paso, it's like Melaka - an old town. When I was there, I felt like I have stepped into time machine and gone back to ancient time.

We had dinner in an Italian restaurant, Lorenzo. I had Italian Dumpling, Lobster Ravioli, it comes with home made bread and salad. I 'upgraded' the house salad to Cranberries Salad, it was really yummy. I feel like traveling 45mins again to there to have the salad.

As I didn't bring my camera along (told you was an impromptu trip), so my photos are with them right now. After I retrieve photo from them, I will post it here.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sharlinie alive and will be found, predicts bomohs

Sharlinie alive and will be found, predicts bomohs

Quote from the news:-

  1. Releasing the pigeon is symbolic of the release of Sharlinie by her captors. Cracking the coconut is akin to softening the captor’s heart.
  2. The kidnappers wanted to test their black magic on her.
  3. Sharlinie was being held captive in a flat nearby.
  4. The bomohs were unanimous in saying that Sharlinie, who was reported missing on Jan 9, was alive and would be found within a week.

Sorry for being rude, but I can't help to smirk when I read these. If these bomohs can see soooooo many things, why can't they see where is she right now? Huh?

By the way, can the bomohs predict next Toto first prize? Or coming stock market trend? Or the future of Malaysia?

But of course, I must give them credit, for claiming that Sharlinie will be found within a week. At least, this could ease the tension and worries from her family.

This may sound contradicting, but I really hope that bomohs' prediction can come true.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yeah, don't need to sell my body liao!

I always say : Life is so unexpected...

This is what happened:

Last Wednesday:-
I was still bugging my friend for a TA (Teaching Assistant) opening because I really need this position. I have been submitting my application since last November and not even a single department call me for interview. I almost give up liao!

I was so desperate for money that I was actually thinking of selling my body for $$. Why I want to be a TA so desperately? Because if I am a TA,

  1. My tuition fee is cut by half. HALF ler! USD 6k become USD3k, huge difference you know?
  2. Current salary become doubled. DOUBLE ler... USD450 become USD900, lagi huge difference you know?

Last Thursday:-
Still pestering asking my friend for job opening in the morning. And later in the afternoon, I got a call for TA interview on the next day. Yoohoo!

Last Friday:-
Went for the TA interview, doesn't sound good because the interviewer said:

"You go back and consider (huh? Not you consider whether to hire me meh?) It is ok if you reject this job. Of course, I have other candidates in my list."

Read between the line = I don't want to hire you. Go away!

Anyway, he did ask me to 'go back and consider', so on the weekend, I wrote him a good and diplomatic reply that I seriously want that job!

The interviewer replies and says: Ok, we will arrange you for 2nd round interview.

Not bad, at least I am not totally rejected. There is a 50/50 chance.

0945 Driving to school, my dear friend Susi called me while I was driving, saying that there is a TA opening in another department (let's call it M&M department).

1000 Print my resume etc, and get ready to M&M.

1030 Submit my application form to M&M.

1035 Interview

1040 I am employed. No 2nd round interview.

See, within an hour, my whole situation changed. Not only I got the TA job, I actually got my dream job.

Moral of the story?


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Give me your $$ and I give you my body

I am super broke now...because:

  1. It was holiday and I didn't work. No work no money.
  2. Stock market is very bad now. It's difficult to be a stocker nowadays.

    down down down...

  3. No luck on lottery too.
  4. Bought many textbooks as school just start.
  5. Can't find a higher pay job, still stuck with the zo bo lab assistant job.
  6. Last but not the least, this trap doesn't bring me much monetary income. Since last August until now, my total earnings is $4.61 only.

Everything is going down down down...except my weight!!!

Can you gimme your $$ and I give you my body?

I mean, the fatty flesh... what are you thinking, pervert?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why do you blog?

Again I'm now in my 10 pc lab, eng eng bo dai zhee. Forgot to bring my pencil case, thus all my ga-can especially the thumb drive is not with me. Cham~

Luckily I still can go online and do something, like blogging! And read many blogs for few hours, some funny some cheeky some boring some stupid some chim and some plain just like Pink Leo's trap.

Some blogs have thousands of traffic daily and some have hundreds annually.

Some people write for fun, for keeping in touch with whoever, for money, for fame and for expressing their dissatisfaction of life.

So tell me, why do you blog? The purpose, the motive, the agenda and the result you are seeking...

For moi, I blog because I love to write. I like to pen down my daily life, be it ordinary or extraordinary. I like my children (in future) be able to look into mama's life without me repeating the stories. I like to look back into my life and laugh at my stupidity then. I like to give myself a sense of arts and creativity in this money-dominated world. I like to improve my English and skills of writing.

Last but not the least, I am an attention seeker (typical Leo lar!). XD . So I start to blog.

Many obstacles came before I start out this blog. Like first, what nick should I use? Should I use my real name? or should I use some bombastic nick instead? No, I don't think using my real name is a good idea. Thus I went to think for a good nick name. I thought of sui-za-bor, cheo-bu, sexy-mama, BB girl (stands for Big Boobs girl) etc. At the end I dropped this idea because I want to be able to face my conscience.

sexy mama?

Blogger also got ethics one, ok?

Then I start to think of more 'acceptable' nick...I like Pink, and I like McDull, why not Pink-Mcdull or Pink-Pig or Pink-Piggu?

Or maybe Pink-Dog, Pink-Doggie or Pink-AhKow because I was born in year of dog?

Well, pig and dog don't sound cheo, moreover I am living in a Muslim country, sekali I offended my Muslim friends because of my nick, not worth the try.

So, I thought of my zodiac, aarrrrhhh... Leo. Pink-Leo! Pink-Leo sounds gorgeous enough, at least better than pig and dog.

Then settle for my nick. Next is looking for suitable blog domain. It didn't take me long to decide on The real challenge come when I need to customize my blog, it involves sense of artistic and some computing knowledge. It took me very long time to understand the html code, how to make my blog pretty pretty, how to add traffic ticker, how to link to another page etc.

Now, the most challenging part is how to write a good, acceptable yet popular blog. I reckon out blogging comes with a lot of conditions, such as know how to take photograph, to photoshop, to add bling-bling, be creative, be funny, be humorous, be artistic, be shameless dare, and most important, be talented.

I am still learning now, hopefully someone can share with me the secret of it.Thanks yo!

Don't forget to share with me why do you blog, s'vil vous plait!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can I borrow your LAN JIAO?

Today during the ever boring Accounting class, Han showed me this pen:

"Read this"

I read it in Mandarin "tian1 mu3 lan2 niao3 ka1 fei1..."

"No, speak your mother tongue lar, you are a Hokkien"


"ti bu lam jiao kopi..."

Wait a minute... LAM JIAO?

Then we both start to laugh non-stop, but because it was a quiet class, so we had to suppress our laughter and we giggle hard instead. The professor must be wondering what did he say wrongly.

Later in the class, my pen gone ink less, so I asked him:

"Oi, can I borrow your LANM JIAO?"

Again the professor looked at us with many question marks on his head...

Bonjour, je m'appelle Pink Leo.

"Bonjour, je m'appelle Pink Leo."

Hello, I'm Pink Leo.

Today I start my first lesson on French language. Yes, moi is learning French. French is going to be my 7th language to master, after English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Japanese. Ya, I know Cantonese and Hokkien is not a language, but who cares? Can speak means can speak, right?

Many people ask me why I choose French instead of Spanish, where Spanish is the 2nd language in USA (probably first language in El Paso, haha, so near to Mexico). Well, It's just because I have little connection with French many years ago, that during my school anniversary, we themed our carnival booth as 'Je t'aime'. Of course, back then, I didn't relate it much to French, we were just trying to be the odd one out. We also had 'Evita' as the theme on another year. This is a Globalization world, you know?

And recently, I happen to find a French version of McDull (oh, my favourite animation. The piggy is sooooo adorable). It's really cool when you see a pig speaks in French.

And I really love this gov promotional clip:

My cellphone ringing tone:

And this currently me cellphone sms alert:

(sorry, can't find Cantonese version with subtitle...)

Hmm.... I should be Pink Mcdull instead! XD

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Being Pink Leo: Ambitions

5 years old:

  1. Mata-mata aka Police
  2. Drawing Artist
  3. Singer

10 years old:

  1. Teacher
  2. Soldier
  3. Singer

15 years old:(Start to get some money sense)
  1. Doctor
  2. Accountant
  3. Singer

20 years old:
  1. Find a rich, handsome, tall, humourous boyfriend
  2. Be able to graduate
  3. Singer

25 years old:
  1. Get a husband
  2. Get any job
  3. Stop day dreaming and never be an artist, police, teacher or soldier.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Being Pink Leo 1.0

After blogging for some time, more than 1 year (including my previous blog in friendster, which totally sucks by the way), indeed I start to gain little fame in this virtual world. Hmm, maybe not 'fame', but more like 'friendship', the f word. Haha!

It is a strange world now. You may not know your next door (at least I don't know who my next door is, :S), but somehow you can 'know' a person from blogging world, who is thousand miles away and probably you don't even know how does he/she looks like, except from the photo in the blog.

But mind you, there is always this magic wand call 'photoshop'.



I start to notice few frequent passerby in my little pink jungle and they do take the effort to growl whenever they are here. How sweet of them! I need not name them one by one here, because you can always see their names in comments and shoutbox.

Of course, not to forget some phantom readers. Although you didn't leave your footprint here, although you pass like a breeze, I know you were here.

Thus, I really want to say:-

Thank you!
谢谢!Xie Xie!
Terima Kasih!
多谢!Dor Zeh!
感谢!Gam Siah!
どもありがとうございます!domo arigatou gozaimasu!

Since young, I love to sing...


and write. Obviously I don't have talent in all these areas.

Until now, I haven't master anything on above, but I am lucky that I can pen down whatever I like in this virtual diary. I am just a plain jane that who is very fortunate to have a good parent...

loving siblings...

and faithful husband.

It's really flattering to have you readers here. If my humble jungle can bring some colour into your world, Pink Leo is happy!

By the way, I've started another blog yesterday, Chinese version of Pink Leo's trap. 请多多指教!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

How do those top blogger attain high readership?

How do those top blogger attain high readership? Their hit counter multiply by thousands, not like ten macam Pink Leo's trap. How did they do it?

You must be as humorous as Kenny Sia...

If you're not humour enough, at least you must be as sexy attractive as NicoleKiss...

If you are not attractive enough, then you must be as bimbo as XiaXue...

If you are not bimboo enough, then you must be as artistic as Wan Wan...

If you really can't be as *what what* as above blogger, then you must use misleading Sophisticated, Elegant and X-factor words - SEX;

Or Paranoiac, Offensive, R-rated, Nasty words - PORN.

You see what I mean...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome to Singapore, the happiest country in Asia.

'Welcome to Singapore, the happiest country in Asia.'?

Next second, I am rolling on the floor, as well as my family member. Hahahahahahahaha...

'How could it be?'

'This is more impossible than MI3'

'Did they happen to interview the tourist only instead of resident'?

As far as I could remember, in the 2006 Happy Planet Index report(HPI), Singapore was ranked as 131 among 178 countries surveyed, No.1 in Asia from bottom.

Quote from the news:

  1. Ninety-five percent of the people around us say they're either somewhat happy or very happy," Buettner said of Singapore.

  2. A man named Lee Kwan Yew took power in Singapore, and laid down the law. He made the Chinese and Malaysian locals learn English, banned spitting, chewing gum and long hair, and even paid educated people to have children.

  3. With his draconian laws he transformed Singapore from a smelly, chaotic seaport into one of the richest, cleanest, safest and most efficient big cities in the world. But woe unto those who break the rules and litter or forget to flush.

Happiest? UNhappiest perhaps!

But don't get me wrong, I love Singapore for its uniqueness - KIASU.

(For those Singaporean who are going to condemn on me, please note that I am an ambassador of Malaysia and Singapore in my school. I am here to promote the beauty and uniqueness (of coz not the kiasu part) of YOUR country.

Ok, go ahead and shoot me now!)

Going to Kota Kinabalu

Finally, the KK trip in May is somewhat confirmed. For those in Singapore, this is Gunung Kinabalu climbing trip, not KK hospital (not so fast yet to KK, maybe 5 years later). Just take it as KK for convenience.

It has been years that I keep saying 'I want to go to KK', 'I want to go to Redang' or 'I want to go to Japan'. All these 'I want to...' always cakap-cakap aje, never happen in the end. This time it's different, I am going for sure.

Folks, please share any tips with me on climbing the mountain. I really want to make it to the top, safely. FYI, I never been to such mountain climbing before, thus I am a bit takut now.

Here is our itinerary:


    Meet at airport and send to Backpackers lodge.O/N in KK


    Meet at lodge early after breakfast, transfer to Kinabalu Park for ascend to the highest point in South East Asia. On this approximately 2 hours drive, stop at Nabalu for last minute shopping (simple items like fruits water, biscuits, batteries, torch and etc). At Kinabalu Park HQ, register with the park. After getting your packed lunch, transfer to Timpohon Gate to commence the climb with your mountain guide.

    Check into Pendant Hut & meet your Mt Torq trainer.

    VIA FERRATA familiarization.

    Dinner at Laban Rata Restaurant. O/N at Pendant Hut (non heating hut)


    Wake up for breakfast and packed up.

    Commence the last 2km hike to Low's Peak with your mountain guide.

    Reach the Summit Point.

0545hrs- 0700hrs
    Descend down to meet your Mt Torq trainer to Walk The Torq, Asia's first Via Ferrate. This walk will take approximately 2 - 3 hrs.

    Arrive at Pendant Hut, prepare for the descent to Timpohon Gate.

    Transfer to Kota Kinabalu. O/N at backpackers Lodge.


    Meet by guide for a 2 hours drive to Beaufort. Board the train to the Starting Point at Pangi Station then raft the rapid till you reach the Ending Point).
    After BBQ lunch, board the train to Beaufort then transfer by vehicle to Kota Kinabalu.

    Arrive at KK.O/N at Backpackers Lodge.

DAY 5 Balik

Start training my kaki and body to conquer this tallest mountain in Malaysia. Hopefully my kaki can make it to the top!

Gunung Kinabalu, here I come!

"What are you doing here?": man asks wife at brothel

This is really funny...I laugh until rolling on the floor...

"What are you doing here?": man asks wife at brothel

WARSAW (Reuters) - A Polish man got the shock of his life when he visited a brothel and spotted his wife among the establishment's employees.

Polish tabloid Super Express said the woman had been making some extra money on the side while telling her husband she worked at a store in a nearby town.

"I was dumfounded. I thought I was dreaming," the husband told the newspaper on Wednesday.

The couple, married for 14 years, are now divorcing, the newspaper reported.

(Writing by Chris Borowski, Editing by Matthew Jones)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bet on my virgin

It has been a roller coaster day, or perhaps, tsunami day. I made an important step on my life - be a 'stocker'.

Kidding lar, there is not such word as 'stocker', my English teacher will puke if she sees this, unless you mean 'stalker'... hhhmm..not good either.

Anyway, I start to *learn-how-to* buy and sell share today. As a typical Chinese, I believe in virgin newbie's luck. But, probably I wasn't that total Cheena that I forgot to consult the Chinese calender, to see if today is a good day to start my 'stocker' life. Ended up I've chosen the most fluctuated day to enter stock market.

down down up up down down

After much heart attacks, finally the stock market closed for the day. Luckily enough, I did earn some pocket money for myself.

Happy happy.... I want to buy bikinis...
Happy happy...I want to make myself skinny...
Happy happy... Don't ask me to belanja you can liao, hrgh!

Have you watch 'National Treasure'?

Just wonder how many person have watched National Treasure : Book of Secrets.

I haven't watch it, but Han has watched it and he said it was pretty good. When Han says 'pretty good', it must a good movie, because Han has very distinguish taste on movie and music (and chick girl too,hehe)

I have no interest of watching the movie alone. Please share with me about your thought if you've watched it. Thanks...

(Psss... I don't support pirated vcd/dvd, thus I rather wait until the official vcd/dvd to be released)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't eat any Chinese food today or you'll be very sick

After living in USA for 5 months, I noticed lots of ang-moh here misunderstood Chinese culture here, and thus created lots of jokes.

I was chatting with a friend on the other day regarding her coming Asia trip, that she will come to Singapore with me in May. She was very excited about the trip, and all of sudden, she happily said:

'Wow... then I can have lots of fortune cookies then.'

Sorry to say that I can't stop laughing after I hear this. So I told her:

'Frankly speaking, I never heard of fortune cookies in my country until I come to USA. There is no fortune cookies in my country, unless you are speaking of kueh-kapit.'

'Oh really? How about the Chinese carryout box'?

'Nah... We use those same kind of boxes that you guys use.'

'Oh really? That's funny....hahahahaha...'

Another joke would be my Asian friend brought a local to an authentic Chinese restaurant to have a meal. After the food being served, the local was very unhappy and said:

'Hei.. This is not Chinese food!'

My friend shook her head, and said:

'Pal, the so-called Chinese food that you had were not authentic Chinese food. They were American-Chinese food. Try this, this is good'.

My friend claimed that she can see the surprise face of the local, it's kinda like 'OMG, the McChicken that I always had is not from McDonald'.



Today, after recalling the funny incidents, I went to check the origin of Fortune Cookie in Internet:-

Throughout the western world, Fortune Cookie is usually served with Chinese food as a dessert. The message inside may also include a list of lucky numbers (used by some as lottery numbers) and a Chinese phrase with translation. Fortune cookies were invented in California, and are little-known in mainland China.

It is believed that Fortune Cookies contain wisdom....

Very wisdom indeed.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Exposed in pajamas

It was 3.30pm in the afternoon, and I am in my pajamas. Why don't I change into normal clothing?

  1. It's winter now, I don't sweat much. Why should I change?
  2. It's cold outside, thus I am staying indoor the whole day. Staying indoor=Nobody will see me except my family. Why should I change?
  3. Less changing less laundry. I support green world. :D

(Abu will definitely say 'full of craps. Lazy say lazy lar!')

Abu asked me to pull back the rubbish bin in front yard. Our rubbish bin is not like Malaysian style that permanently stick to a spot (har? We got use rubbish bin de meh? We just dump rubbish into whatever deserted spot)

Dilarang buang sampah

Or Singaporen rubbish chute style.

Is it a letter box? No, it's a rubbish chute.

What we have is rubbish bin like this:

Usually this bin is placed at our backyard. Every Tuesday dawn, the rubbish collector will drive its state-of-arts rubbish collecting truck to collect rubbish from door-to-door. Thus we have to:-
  1. push the bin into front yard
  2. position it nicely on roadside
  3. When the state-of-arts rubbish truck comes, it will extend its machine hand
  4. grab the bin
  5. pour the rubbish into the truck
  6. place back the emptied bin on roadside
  7. And brroooomm... next door

Cheo bo? It's fast, it's clean and it's efficient as 1 man controls the rubbish truck only. Not like Malaysian style

1 lorry, 2 drivers, 3 pengangkut sampah

Anyway, back to my pajamas story. Abu asked me to pull back the rubbish bin in front yard. I was wearing my pajamas, paiseh to let other people see me in such attire. Thus, I looked out of door, confirmed it's coastal clear. Time to charge. I run to the rubbish bin.... 5 more steps to go...

Then, at this moment, a young handsome guy appeared out of nowhere, walking on opposite street.

OMG, what a moment! I pray that he didn't see me, I pray that I can run faster. However, I forgot that I am living in a friendly neighbourhood.

The handsome guy turned his head, faced me full front and said 'Hi!'

S*it! I can't pretend I don't see him anymore. So I said 'Hi' to him my pajamas.

Hi, my friendly neighbour.

I hope he doesn't think that all Chinese like to wear pajamas in the broad daylight.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dating different types of girls (funny)


First date
You get to buy her an expensive dinner but nothing happens.

Second date
You buy her an even more expensive dinner. Again, Nothing Happens!

Third date
You usually don't get up to third date because you are smart enough to realize that nothing is ever going to happen.


First date
Meet her parents.

Second date
Set the date of the wedding.

Third date
Wedding night.


First date
You get to kiss her goodnight.

Second date
You get to grope all over and make out a bit.

Third Date
She moves in.
One week later, her father, her 4 mother, her 18 sisters, her 20 brothers, all of their kids, her 16 grandmas, her father's girlfriend's mother, her 268 cousins all move in.

But don't worry you can repeat this 4 times. ;-)


First Date
You both get drunk and have sex.

Second Date
You both get drunk and have sex.

20th Anniversary
You both get drunk and have sex.


First Date
Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Friends and entire arab community finds out.

Second Date
You are shot dead.

Third date
Not Applicable