Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yeah, I strike lottery!

Finally, the tough week has ended. All my four exams are over and I am done for... I guess I can't get A for all four subjects because I did a lot of mistakes in my last exam - Accounting.

Exam result will be announced on Christmas eve (what a day!) and I will be in Dallas or Houston celebrating Christmas with my family. Wow, it has been many years that I didn't celebrate Christmas with my family.

Last year Christmas eve I was working in call centre and the year before I was working as well and another year before I was working as well - answering the phone calls. Pathetic life! :(

Now, I can countdown during Christmas eve with my family, but without LogHead Yap. Well, that's life. You can't have everything you want at the same time.

My family and I went to buy lotto (macam toto) after dinner just now, we bought 10 sets of number and we actually KENA all the winning numbers! Yippie..

But in different sets .....


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