Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Staying under the tree

I am in Houston, Double Tree Hotel. This hotel doesn't have complimentary wireless internet in my room, that I can only online in the lobby. Here I am, waiting for check out and proceed to San Antonio.

Compared to El Paso, Houston is really a big city. Houston downtown reminds me of Hong Kong's Zhong Wan中环, lots of high-rise office buildings. Thus you can imagine, it's beautiful, it's nice and it's really quiet because it is Christmas eve. No one would stay back for work on this family-gathering day. Imagine Raffles Place on Chinese New Year eve, :).

There is a beautiful sea port here, Kemah. We had dinner in a very unique restaurant, Aquarium. Yeap, we had our dinner in a aquarium.

Opps, I gotta go now.. Will update more on photos and details..

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