Friday, December 28, 2007

Pls don't feed the seagulls, they're on a strict diet.

5 days roadtrip has finally come to the end. I've took so many photos that I have hard time choosing which photo to post it here.

So, I decided to post something that I find it interesting.

I took above photo in Kemah, a sea port near Houston. Funny enough, I hardly spot any seagull while I see above signboard every 5 steps.

We had dinner in Aquarium restaurant, nice atmosphere... I feel like a mermaid having meal under the sea.

Ping was being kissed, or rather, attacked by Sting Ray. I bet the Sting Ray must be hunger for beauty.

This signboard is outside a highway restroom. Well, the restroom looks more like a mini museum than a restroom.

You call this restroom?

We pretended to be rich family during this trip and stayed in Hilton hotel. Hmmm... It was really enjoying ... but enjoyment come with a price.

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