Friday, December 21, 2007

La Casita

I am so full! I am so full! Abu brought me to an authentic Mexican restaurant - La Casita, for lunch, and see what we ordered!

Before the dishes come to our table, we had this unlimited-refill tortilla (tor-ti-ya) chips with salsa sauce (sweet-sour-spicy sauce). Actually I am pretty full already after this appetizer.

Abu ordered a Shrimp Cocktail, it's kinda sweet-sour juice with shrimp and my favourite Avocado.

Ping had Flautas! Flautas is crispy fried taco (small rolled-up tortilla) filled with meat (can be chicken or beef), covered by cabbage,cream,cheese,avocado aka green chile sauce...

This is Sopapilla (so-pa-pee-ya), kinda like our Malaysian ham-chim-peng but I ate it with honey. Yup, it's a crispy, puffy, deep-fried flour dough, looks very much like little pillow. I read from Internet that this is a favourite Southwestern U.S dessert. It can be kosong or with meat inti, usually served with honey or cinnamon.

And this is my order, La Casita special. Seriously I don't know what am I eating.. I just put it into my food and swallow it. I tasted lot of cheese, meat and flour dough. Haha..

Good thing is until now, I haven't sense any strange action in my stomach. :s

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