Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hello from Dallas!

3 days to go before Christmas, and I am in Plano now (somewhere very near to Dallas, Texas) with my family. We are on a 5-days road trip, driving all the way east from El Paso.

Look sunny, but very chilly.

Today's main activity was .... placing my ka-ceng aka butt comfortably in Old Bean's Camry from morning till night, because the journey from El Paso to Plano took us 11 hours (from 7am to 6pm). Thus, I was in the car whole day from sun rise to sun set.

Typical desert view, yellow+sand+dry grass

Nothing much to see along the freeway, except the dry grass crossing the street (due to the strong wind), just as what you always see in an American desert movie. The wind was very very strong that our car fought hard to break the wind.

This is probably the most exciting view ... UFO station!

Radio: Testing testing 1 2 3.. This is alien speaking here.

Nah, I'm just kidding. Actually I don't know what is it, anyone know?

It was not just strong wind, but SAND STORM too!

Dusty dusty

Pink Leo with oil machine (the black color de)and cactus! Surely this is desert!

Pink Leo acting cute.

In the photo the weather looks sunny and warm, in fact I was shivering! Samui ne~

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