Monday, December 24, 2007

25 years old guy = 13.3 years old kid.

Second day in Dallas. Today Pink Leo with her family went to the true 'Dallas' tv show filming location - Southfork Ranch. Probably you can slightly recall in your very young days where you catch 'Dallas' from episod to episod with your parent on every Saturday night. Now the real thing is in front of my eyes!

Abu was very excited in the ranch, macam Korean drama fan meet charming Bae Yong Jun in Korea. The rest of us were like 'hhmm...this house looks good, the swimming pool looks clean, the ranch is huge...' -.-'!

Very Texan 'Dallas' museum

The famous 'Dallas' Ewings mansion

This horse has errie eye, yuck!

After 'Garpu Selatan', we proceeded to Fair Park which has Planetarium, like science discovery centre in Jurong but this is in much smaller scale. And Han attempted to be a NASAman.

It reminds me of Chicken Little's friend: Fish out of water.

And Pink Leo experienced the power of eavesdrop with special device. There are two identical dishes placed about 10 metres apart, and when Abu whispered into the centre hole on another dish, I thought she was speaking into my ear.

Is this the ancient walky-talky? I bet so.

Harlo, can you hear me?

Dr. John Gray said: Men are from Mars. According to Planetarium: To find your age according to the length of Mars' year, divide your age by 1.88.


No wonder 25 year old guy behave like a 13 years old kid.

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How about women? xD