Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Disclaimer: I am not one of 'those' Malaysian

Lesson of the day: When everybody know that you are dumb, don't act smart. It will make you look dumber'

I like to read newspaper, Cina kah Melayu kah English kah... whatever I can get, as long as I can get some updates from the world, especially my beloved home, Malaysia.

If you can read Chinese, good. Let me share what I've read:

1. 甲首長: 雖然我國的印裔人口較他族少,但印裔醫生和律師卻遠比族群比率為高;反觀馬來人人口雖多,但卻是最貧窮的。

2. 大馬首名太空人錫慕查化表示,他只有在最後一天才有空專心地往外看回地球,但他看不到任何建筑物,包括長城。“但是,我看到檳城,非常美麗,我看過最美麗的檳城。”

3. 马来西亚教育部副部长韩春锦说,国内大学无法跻入全球最佳200所大学排行榜,并不是它们退步,而是其他国家的大学进步太快。

4. 巫统妇女组中央代表批评马来西亚廉价航空公司亚航(AirAsia)空中小姐的裙子太短,引来男乘客放肆的眼光。“她们的制服太过暴露,露出小腿、大腿和膝盖。”

5. 首相拿督斯里阿都拉表示,馬來人不能再期望及依賴新經濟政策或政府的援助;反之,他們必須學習自立及學習跟其他人競爭。----> 巫統宣傳主任丹斯里莫哈末泰益將會在巫統大會上,要求政府只委任具有馬來精神者領導政府相關公司(GLC),以維護馬來人的權益。參與這項會議的55個馬來團體,一致同意只有具有馬來精神的馬來人,在做任何決定前,會以馬來人的權益為出發點。

After I read these, my first reaction is : -.-'!

If you have the same reaction as me, high 5! If not, please free to leave your comments....

The rest of the world know Malaysia by press, by news, by media... And this is that kind of impression we give to the world.

" Hi beauty, are you Malaysian?"
"Yes, of course I am. But please hor, I am not one of 'those' Malaysian hor."

"Hi everyone, I am from Malaysia and I am here to present the fascinating beauty of my country...our country is fabulous,democratic and beyond your imagination...We enjoy freedom..."
"Then why are you here instead of Malaysia?"
"Eeerr...because our local universities doesn't recognize our own Malaysian Chinese School cert..."
"You said you have freedom in your country, then why was Namewee caught in trouble?"
"Oh yes, we have freedom of everything except freedom of speech and freedom of fair opportunity. you see, we do enjoy lots of freedom...We have freedom of religion too so long you don't marry one of 'those' ..."

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spirits said...

I am not one of 'those' Malaysian too.

well, only gov enjoy the freedom in Msia.