Thursday, November 01, 2007

Welcome to retire

As usual, I am browsing through various news articles from (Chinese) to (English), and this article caught my attention:

10 exotic, affordable retiree havens

My first intuition was, 'Hei, this is talking about Malaysia, right?'

Well, second later, I hold back my thought, because I seriously doubt if most American ever heard of Malaysia before. There was a hot topic previously that 1/5 of American are not able to point their country in world map, let alone Malaysia. Let just say Malaysia is a far far away land.

Personal experience to share:
Whenever I was being asked by an American, particularly in my city El Paso, where do I come from, and I answered 'Malaysia', most of them would give me a dumb face like 'huh? what is it? got such place?'

Being an evil Pink Leo who wants to trick these katak di bawah tempurung, I would get them to take a guess where is Malaysia, and the feedback include:
1. Is it in South America?
2. Oh, isn't that another state of America? ** Obviously, it's not, you idiot!**
3. Is that the country that people live in tree and don't wear shoe?

Kao, bullshit bullshit bullshit! Thus verdict is: Most (not all, ok?) American are katak di bawah (way bawah) tempurung.

Of course, most of the foreigners in America would heard of Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur before, and some of them even point out how much they love our mamak stall or even durian. Man, you have an excellent taste bud!

And one thing I find it very peculiar is: An English-speaking person would find it surprising that we can speak fluent English; and an Chinese-speaking person (e.g. people from Taiwan or China) would find it even more surprising that we can read Chinese. I am speechless.

Chup! I am way too sidetrack...Back retiree havens...

The article, first they have Panama, then Malta, New Zealand, Uruguay, Mexico, France, Romania, Argentina... Wait a minute, are these places "affordable"? Well, maybe to the American, because the reports says the cost of living of that country as well, for example France (all in USD):-

Bottle of decent wine: $7
Coffee: $2.50
Meal for two with wine: $55
Movie, full price: $10
Taxi from airport to downtown: $60
Doctor visit: $25
Utilities: $115
Maid: $300
Rent (Paris): $2,650

While I am thinking why didn't they mention about Malaysia, then I see this magic word:


Malaysia has a lot (Pink Leo: it's so true) to offer the retiree: bustling cities, modern infrastructure, quality health care; inexpensive seafood and cheap spa pampering; and activities such as sailing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, golf and island hopping. (Pink Leo: Bingo man!)

Malaysia's retiree program Malaysia: My Second Home provides incentives for foreigners, particularly retirees, to live permanently in Malaysia. Successful applicants initially receive what is, in effect, a five-year visa with unlimited entry and exit privileges. There is no minimum annual residency requirement.

After the first five years, visa holders can apply for permanent residency. Though there is no guarantee it will be granted, foreigners can expect automatic renewal of their original visas providing they continue to meet the conditions.

Bottle of decent wine: $10
Coffee: 50 cents
Meal for two with wine: $40
Movie, full price: $4
Taxi from airport to downtown: $14
Doctor visit: $16
Utilities: $110
Maid: $180
Rent (Kuala Lumpur): $850

Now this is what I called "affordable". As what I always say: wu phee wu chee wu tua liap nee (got cheap got green got big susu, opps...) or paeng laeng zaeng (cheap beautiful perfect).

What more you ask?

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Anonymous said...

clicked from greenland- your signature.

:) Very funny writing!! interesting to see US magazine note our country as heaven for retiree... but it is indeed true... if forget about safety concern.