Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pergi Pasar

It's Saturday again, time flies really fast when you have tons of things to deal with. Well, we decided to have a tiny bit flavour of organic and soil today, so we went to Ranch Market.

It's awesome there! Although there isn't any wet market like Malaysia in El Paso, but this Ranch Market will do us good.

See what I've got!

Beautiful colour, Raddish!

Dried Chilli, syok!

Bawang Putih, sungguh besar!


Bawang Besar

Melon Besar

Gigantic Pumpkin

Unknown Fruit

Seafood corner

How many I help you?

Queue number service is not limited to bank or public service area only...

Pink Leo's diet

Han carrying a gigantic PINK bucket

By the time we finish shopping, it's 530pm already. And the sky is as dark as 730pm in Malaysia.

It's time for dinner then...

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Anonymous said...

nice photos :) - xing xing