Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How do you Q?

Kawaii! So cute the Tuzki above.

But why is Tuzki so excited? I bet he must have something interesting to share with us,haha! Ouch, I can't stand the forever spinning Tuzki. Me headache liao!

Shame to say this, but I just know this Tuzki less than 5mins ago. (Why I didn't know this funny creature earlier? Chup,is it classified as a 'creature' at all? Whatever...) seems like Tuzki is on a quest to make his life as easy as possible. Well, I guess everyone is trying their best to make life as easy as possible, right? Thus Tuzki brings us his masterpiece of modern multi-tasking.... (drum roll)

THE MOTO Q9 (applause! applause!)


So, what's so great about this MOTO Q9 thingy? Hei hei... Let Tuzki share with you...

Tuzki is just like you and me, because we believe that MSN (a.k.a Instant Messaging) is as important as sunshine, air and water, agree? Wouldn't it be great if you can continue online conversation without PC? Chatting online non-stop with friends, be it whether you are on the road, in a class, or even on a date, e.g. secret message to your girl pal that 'this guy is hot hot hot!'?

With the MOTO Q9, you can get online and chat anywhere!

Now this is what I mean by 'ANYWHERE'!

Of course, it's easy to use. It's so easy that you can launch 80% of applications with just 2 clicks. TWO clicks dude! It's probably faster than flipping a page!

And do you know what I like most about MOTO Q9? That it allows me to blog anytime anywhere I want! Even though I am away from home, office or school, I can still quickly upload entries and photos to my blog!

Imagine myself walking on the beach,enjoying sea breeze and upload a picture of myself in bikini!

Are you imagining this?

Nah, not this... I mean this!

bayWatch Out!

This ain't just cool! It's super duper cool! How can I don't fall in love with MOTO Q9?

I feel like dancing...come on! shake your bon bon shake your bon bon!

Pppsss......Last but not the least, remember to check out this cool MOTO Q9 ya! Bye!

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