Wednesday, October 17, 2007

When was the last time you read a book?

Is 'reading' one of you hobbies?

No, reading is not one of hobbies (my hobby is music - sing or guitar or piano or organ, btw), but I do consider myself as a person who would at least read a book every year. When I say 'read', it means I do complete the whole book. 'Book' doesn't include magazine (especially those 8 gua magazine like TVB magazine), newspaper (newspaper is important, you should read it everyday), comic (I just can't figure how should the pictures flow, is it from left to right, bottom to top?) and textbook (it doesn't bring me any pleasure by reading it).

The most recent book I read is Harry Potter, The Deathly Hallow. Ya, I know, it's kinda children story book. But hei, it's still dictionary-thick and full of chim (Singlish: difficult) English words! It's a great effort for Chee-pai (Chinese educated) person e.g me to complete the whole book, and I read that in July, during my Taiwan trip. Phew, I managed to complete Harry Potter 7 within 1 week, with much helps from Ms.Da.

Since July until today, October 16, I haven't pick up any decent book. Gosh, cannot like this lar cannot like this lar! Old Bean (who likes to read a lot, I mean, really A LOT!) recommended me few books like Street Lawyer, but the first 10 pages put me into nice slumber. Leng Leng gave me a book Secret (not Jay Chow's Secret, but it was one of the best selling book in August) and I gave up after reading the first page, sorry ar Leng Leng!

Now it's the period where exams and assignments are due, thus I don't have much time for leisure reading now. However, after this busy period, I would like to start from this book : 'I'm not sick, just a bit unwell', written by Yvonne Foong. Quoted from her blog, this book is about a story of true blue Malaysian.

I can't find this book in Amazon or Barnes and Noble at the moment, but I've ordered from Yvonne and I'll be expecting the book be delivered to my house in December, which is just after my final exams period. Sui!

If you are thinking of picking up a book now, please select this book 'I'm not sick, just a bit unwell'. Although I haven't read it yet, I would think that this book worth your time.

The book is currently on sale at the following bookstores, all over Malaysia and Brunei.

I know most people in Singapore don't read during their MRT trip, as I usually see them sleeping, playing handphone with loud sound on, day dreaming, playing mp3 loudly... or worse, talking with the air - I'm not joking, this usually happen in the late night train service.

Instead of wasting 10-40mins MRT trip doing nothing beneficial, why not read a book? Above book is a good book to start with.

Jia you!

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