Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's for dinner?

Abu: What's for dinner tonight?

Pink Leo: Anything lar... up to you..

Abu: American (food)? Mexican? Indian?

Pink Leo: You choose lar..

Abu: No lar... I want you to choose...

Pink Leo: Like that ar.... Mexican lor.. I never try a good Mexican food before...

Abu: Mexican? You sure? Don't want lar... Let's try Indian food today..

Pink Leo:(siapa cakap bagi saya pilih punya ar?)

At the end, we went to the ghostly Chinese restaurant again.

Before dinner, Old Bean brought me to outlet mall to buy some long pants. As mentioned,weather is getting colder now, and I only have 2 pairs of long pants (I prefer to wear short skirt than pants).

2 pants to tahan whole fall and winter? Mission Impossible. So I bought 2 pairs of jeans from different store today, and noticed the difference between branded and less branded.

1 Levi's jeans can beat 1 Rhino jeans+2 Rhino tops

2 tops + 1 jeans from Ekco Rhino= USD32

1 Levi's jeans = USD37

My first Levi's jeans.

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