Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Weekend Meal

Ok, this is a late post as I was rather busy over the weekend... busy with zo bo and resting... :p

Old Bean and Abu brought us (me and Han) to China Star (it's a restaurant, although the name may sounds like a night club) for a luxury Chinese dinner on yesterday. I feel that the restaurant is a bit ulu from my place, but in fact it is nearer than my school.

The restaurant doesn't look luxury from outside, in fact it does look a little bit like night club. However, the moment we enter the restaurant, we feel like we are in some old Shanghai high-class restaurant.

Shanghai Tang feel

In fact, it reminds me of Rush Hour movie! Will there be any gangster fight while we are eating? Or Zhang Ziyi playing gungfu?

Well, that's just my silly imagination. What we had was a warm hospitality from the taukeh (drinks were on house, although there were 4 cups of hot tea only) and authentic Chinese food. Yummy yummy!

Sorry for the low resolution, the restaurant doesn't look as ghostly as above, it's in fact very posh environment with dim red light.

We like this restaurant so much that Old Bean suggests to bring LogHeadYap here when he visits me next time.

Me and Han were like -.-'!

'Pa, you sure you want to treat LogHeadYap CHINESE food where he just came from a Chinese food paradise? '

Anyway, I appreciate it, Dad. I know you just want to treat your son-in-law a good meal, I totally understand...

And below is my breakfast few weeks ago in Denny. Now this is what I call the real American Breakfast. Super big serving, super filling, si be syok!

My favourite bacon and pancake. Please ignore the 2 ugly burned finger sausages

Me being bo liao in my 10 PCs lab today.

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Good thing about low resolution phone-camera is: It makes my skin appears flawless!

Unlike using expensive camera ...


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