Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wanna have a choco bite?

Can you imagine having a choco bite at your ear?

Well, not hard to imagine though.

Kawaii! I wanna have that!

Don't you think it's just way too cool to have this tiny choco donut (of course not edible one lar) to match your outfit? Regardless you are wearing a-go-go style, casual jeans or feminine dress, this will definitely be a plus to whole!

Feel like having a bite? Well, come to Yvonne Foong's blog and take a look!

I want to grab this!

However at the moment, I'm soooooo tired that I am going to collapse any second. Been busy for whole day : work from morning - lunch out with Abu + buy bday cake for Old Bean - continue to work - super aborrido (Spanish : boring) 3 hours class - pajamas bday celebration for Old Bean - assignment due tomorrow, time to wrap up!

It's going to be 3am in 10mins. I must tuck in now.


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