Saturday, October 13, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!

I didn't realize that today is Hari Raya until I saw change its background to raya colour.

Well, that's the thing about living in El Paso, you don't feel even a tiny bit of Raya celebration. Hmm... I miss ketupat lah!

I reckon there aren't much Muslim readers to my blog, but I would still like to wish everyone, especially to those in Malaysia and Singapore :

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Yesterday was a happy Friday again, as the ambassadors are meeting up again! Haha.. it seems that every time when we (the International ambassadors) gather, it means fun time!

Yesterday meeting's purpose was to introduce ourselves to the staff of OIP (Office of International Program), so that we are familiar to each other.

So each of the ambassador have to present 5 uniqueness of our home country, and I am representing Singapore (not Malaysia, though I'm Malaysian, because my brother is representing Malaysia), what I presented were:

  1. Singlish (Don't play play ar, reminds me of PCK)
  2. Kiasu-ism
  3. Merlion
  4. Chewing gum ban
  5. Singapore is a 'fine' country

I guess my presentation was ok, as it did leave a deep impression upon the audiences, especially my last slide where I put this photo that I took in Chinatown MRT station.

In fact, they were more interested to know what 'durian' is.

Nah, this is durian lar, the king of fruit. It's either you love it or hate it.

It's kind of difficult for me to describe exactly what is a durian other that 'fruit, spiky, fragrant (some say smelly)', maybe I should bring them a durian on one day...if I can pass through the custom check.

I might get caught for 'smuggling a durian'.

"Convict Pink Leo, for smuggling durian." :(

And of course from this meeting, I got to know more about other countries, like South Korea,China,Thailand,Bhutan,Ghana,Poland,Mexico,Switzerland and Australia.

Frankly, I know less about countries out of Asia, such as Ghana,Poland,Mexico and Switzerland. It's an eye opener for me to know that Ghana's middle name is related to the day you were born, Poland is famous for its pottery, Mexico has gone through a difficult period in the past and Switzerland is not just about Alps and cheese.

And one interesting thing that I found out yesterday was there are so many similarity between Malaysia and Ghana, including the weather,cocoa production, Ghana gained independence from British in 1957 and they celebrate Ramadan too. So when Malaysia and Singapore are having Hari Raya public holiday now, I guess Ghana is having PH as well.

As we were chatting more, John (the Ghana's ambassador) mentioned about CID police thingy, Han and I were struck with the word C.I.D. This is a very familiar word for Hong Kong drama fans like us.

We continued to chat and chat and chat...non if we have known each other for more than 10 years.

Like Chinese saying : 四海之内,皆兄弟也 (Si4 Hai3 Zhi1 Nei4, Jie1 Xiong1 Di4 Ye3)... in short, it means we are all brother (or sister) wherever we are.

Hhmm...I like the last statement that Poncho (Mexico's ambassador) said:

... we are here to celebrate our difference...

Ahh, I can't really remember the whole statement, but I will check it out and update here soon.

Welcome to the global village!

We are the world..


Neo said...

I don't get it why some people say durian is smelly. I love durians! Haha :)

jwlaw83 said...

I love durian too :)

Seems like life as ambassador is pretty cool. I think you suits the life doing that.