Monday, October 08, 2007

Running out of songs...

I've been repeating the same few songs for guitars, which are :

  1. 爱我别走 Ai4 Wo3 Bie2 Zou3. In fact, this is THE song that made me wanna pick up guitar, somehow the beginning part of the song always make me feel in love!
  2. When you say nothing at all. My first and only song taught by my first guitar 'shi fu', aka Serene. It took me few months to master 'hammering'.
  3. More than words. I saw Serene played before, and I noticed the chords are pertty similar as 'When you say nothing at all'.
  4. Rasa Sayang. I am still figuring what's the chords for the full song, hoping that one day I can present this song in ambassador event.

That's all. Boring huh?

Any song to recommend? Something not so chim please... I'm still a beginner with no 'shi fu'.

1 comment:

jwlaw83 said...

Wah!! You know hammering, fast learner ya.. :)
I only know plucking and strumming.

爱我别走 I like the starting of the song too, previously play before, now forgot :)

I played "Eyes On Me",过云雨,背叛,爱情, quite many also, but hammering really never start practicing. Not easy whey~~~