Monday, October 15, 2007

Please let me strike Toto!

Ok, I am terribly missing Singapore now, especially the ktv session (not LogHeadYap).

Since I have 2 weeks free period in Dec/Jan, I am thinking if I should go back Singapore and celebrate New Year there. And maybe I can do Lasik surgery at the same time...

Of course, I need lots of $$ for this trip:- (in SGD)

  1. Air ticket $2500

  2. Lasik surgery $4200

  3. Shopping $300

  4. KTV $200 (I'm going to sing everyday!)

  5. Others... $100

Total price tag: $7300

Gosh, there is no way that I can save $7300 by Dec, unless I strike Toto!

Please let me strike Toto...or Lottery ar!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

may you huat huat ah !!!! :)