Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My kura-kura car

Hmmm.... ok, my car is not as slow as kura-kura, but I think it's getting very old that it can't function properly anymore, for instance, everytime when I ignite my car, I have to do it at least 3 times before my car get started. It was used to be Abu's car before I came to Texas, but since I came here, this kura-kura car become my possession liao. Poor Abu, have to walk to work everyday (her working place is just nearby our house, like 15mins walk). But I guess I am doing Abu a favour, because today she told me that 'I am so happy that I lost much weight due to the daily walk'.

I am getting more and more worry as the frequency of failure is getting more and more.

Like today after my class (usually my class ends at 9pm), I again tumpang Han's car to pick up my car at another parking lot. Usually I will ask him to go off once I alight from his car, but just now, I was so kiasi that I warned him 'DO NOT GO OFF BEFORE I DO'. Maybe I should describe more about where I parked my car:-

1) It's a very dark and quiet parking place, you can't spot any passerby for very long time.
2) Because of above, if I ever get kidnapped there, it's equal to I am doomed.

True enough, again I can't start my car for 5mins. But I wasn't that gan cheong because Han's was just beside me. Thanks Han, being a 'flower escort' to his sister, haha...

And everytime when I drive at I-10 freeway, I keep praying that my car don't break down in the middle of the road, and the distance from my school to my house is a full 20mins driving in high speed (at least 60miles per hour).

Now, I find the 20mins very long....very very long...

Hopefully Old Bean will be kind enough to buy a new car for me. I don't need a big sedan, a cute small car is good enough liao. Hee hee..

(Old Bean's OS: Suay lui, got car drive enough liao lar, want to demand somemore... later I take back your car then you know...)

Anyway, Old Bean promised to bring my car for service on Sat, hopefully they can fix all the problems. If they can't, it's ok too, that means I will have a new car... GUA ...

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