Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lincoln Middle School

Yesterday morning, I went to Abraham Lincoln Middle School to give a presentation about Malaysia. Those kids were very cute and funny... but their questions struck me hard:

1. Is Malaysia your country or it's your name?
Me: Malaysia is my country...

2. How much is the gas used for F1 car racing (I presented Sepang F1 circuit)?
Me: ..... eeeerrrr.... I don't know.

3. Do you eat the green part (shell) of Durian?
Me: No...
Me: ... Because it's not meant to be eaten?

4. Why is it that Durian is in this shape and color?
Me: .... Because it's like this already on the tree?...

5. Do you guys live on the rock?
Me: Well, that's a good guess.

Best of all, when I was in half way through my presentation, this cute little gal asked:

What is the name of your country?
Me: .... Let me show your the first slide once more (the title of first slide is Malaysia)...

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