Thursday, October 11, 2007

Life Up Tee Shirt

Hehe, do you find above t-shirts adorable?

Well, sorry... you can't have it because they are MINE, exclusively mine.
However, you can design or customize your own t-shirt, and get my friend Zern to do up the t-shirts (with a service fee, of course).

Zern is my high school's schoolmate, and he is currently doing this 'customize t-shirts' for living. I should say that he is doing a great job because he will satisfy your requirements as possible as he could for your order, just like what he did for my t-shirts.

We exchanged thousands of email before we confirmed on the final draft, and he took the trouble on sms me (from Melaka to Singapore) each time he has sent a reply to me.

Wow, what a service! This is what I call GREAT service!

Hand made de ler

So, if you want to order these adorable, IN, hand made, one-of-the-kind customized t-shirts as well, please free to email to Zern at , and trust me that he will give a good price for your order. Or if you are in Melaka, you can look for him at Jonker Street's weekend pasar malam, where his stall is along the street of A Famosa chicken rice (if my memory doesn't trick me, it should be somewhere around there).

Zern's stall in Jonker Street

To further elaborate his expertise, let me show you some of his art works...

Oil painting-human

Oil painting-fruits

Oil painting-customer's photo, geng hor

Oil painting, Gandhi. Seriously I don't know which one is the original sketch which one is the oil painting he did.

Beside the customize t-shirt thingy, he do other artistic stuff as well such as oil painting, wedding photography,sculpture,drawing... I am just simply amazed by someone that is so talented in art. Not like me, can't even draw a decent straight line.

If you are wondering if this is an advertorial post, No, it is not. I'm just merely sharing with you guys the good things I found.

And Yes, I don't get a single cent from Zern for writing this!

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